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Green iguanas are considered pests in Broward County. You may see them in the trees or running through the grass, indicating that green iguana populations are out of control. With these massive lizards lurking about, you can experience considerable damage in and around your home.

The Florida distribution of green iguanas is huge. Even though you may spot iguanas here and there, you should know that they never act alone. If you see one, you can count on more of them being hidden out of plain sight. This is why iguana removal is critical before things get out of hand. Call Iguana Control today for iguana removal services that restore the calm of your home or commercial landscape vegetation.

Iguana on a wooden deck

About Green Iguanas

Iguanas pose a hazard to native and endangered species in Broward County. The impacts green iguanas have on your home and land are severe. When someone keeps a pet iguana, they may soon find it difficult to care for, hence the reason why these released captive animals have taken it upon themselves to thrive in the wild.

Breeding season for iguanas can spawn an iguana infestation. The bright green coloration of these lizards in mature male iguanas turns an orange hue to attract a mate. Meanwhile, female iguanas will churn out as many as 70 eggs yearly, which only need 90 to 120 days to hatch.

It’s easy to see why green iguanas are such a prevalent invasive species now. Iguana repellents don’t work, which is why you need professional iguana removal.

Reasons Why Iguanas Need to Go

From Bahia Honda State Park to Collier and Lee Counties, even the more northern counties on the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast have had trouble from green iguanas. They are not cold-hardy, though, which is why sightings of iguanas in the wild further north in the state are unheard of.

They Disturb Native Wildlife

Wreaking havoc is something green iguanas are quite adept at, with everything from fruit trees to ornamental plants. Property owners in Broward spend a fortune trying to keep their gardens looking gorgeous, but when iguanas are on the loose, it’s an exercise in futility. Green iguanas will eat tree snails and disrupt the local ecosystems as they wreak havoc on the land.

They Leave Foul Droppings

Iguana feces poses a huge safety risk too. Since it is filled with infectious bacterium salmonella, pet owners should worry about their animals ingesting it. As it can get onto the plants you grow in your garden, you may ingest it too.

On top of that, the droppings iguanas leave behind a smell so vile that they can impede your enjoyment of your yard and pool area. Perhaps it’s from eating all those tree snails, but whatever the case, you do not want iguana feces disturbing your oasis or creating a health risk for you.

Additionally, those droppings can also peel the paint off of your car, which is another reason you’ll want to call Iguana Control to help remove these nuisances.

What Professional Iguana Removal Can Do for You

Once they establish a population on your property, you need to act fast to remove the health risk green iguanas pose. At Iguana Control, we do not kill iguanas unless absolutely necessary. Instead, we work to deter green iguanas and provide iguana removal. Remember, if you see one green iguana, chances are there are many more of them burrowing beneath the surface.

Forming Barriers and Seals

Rock or debris piles are an outstanding deterrent to green iguanas. We can put metal plating to create a barrier to your property. We can also fill burrows with stones, a natural and safe way to keep the iguanas out.

Reflective Surfaces

Green iguanas are frightened of their reflections. By placing reflective surfaces around your yard, we can scare them away from your home and garden. Other approved methods for kicking iguanas off your property are sealing damaged windows and doors to keep them from clawing inside.

Keeping your home cool will also ensure green iguanas won’t want to stick around since they prefer warmer temperatures.

Iguana Removal Broward County

In Broward County, you are not safe from iguana infestations. Our expert team at Iguana Control has the experience to safely remove green iguanas from your home and yard. Contact us today and get a free estimate!

How We Get Rid of Iguanas

It all starts with an inspection. We’ll patrol your property and land to look for the telltale signs of iguanas. Then we’ll make a custom plan to keep them away for good.

Much of our efforts are prevention-based, meaning we will do everything we can to safely shoo them from your home. However, we will also trap them when necessary for the few stubborn iguanas we encounter.

For larger properties, topography protection may be necessary to prevent infrastructural damage to your land. Iguana burrows under the ground can create hazards for pool decks, seawalls, sidewalks, and more.

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Get the Ultimate Iguana Solution for Broward

If you’ve tried iguana repellent only to be disappointed, don’t wait another minute while suffering the stench of iguana droppings. Keep them from wrecking your garden, destroying your roof, or causing the paint to peel from your car.

Get the expert assistance only Florida’s largest company for iguana removal can provide. At Iguana Control, we have the experience needed to remove green iguanas from commercial and residential properties and keep them from coming back. Let us restore your peace with a free estimate today!

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