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Photo of an Iguana sitting on a tree Living in Coral Springs, it is not unusual to realize that iguanas have taken possession of your backyard. You may have noticed their presence due to damage to your landscaping or because you have seen their feces on the grass. Whatever the reason, you may have decided you want your yard back and are ready for some serious iguana control. If so, the iguana removal experts from Iguana Control in Coral Springs are ready to step in and help you get control of the situation. Set up an appointment today.

How To Detect the Presence of Iguanas

Some signs of iguana presence are:


Iguanas can be hard to spot as they blend in with the foliage, but you can look for places where leaves are pushed down or where the sun hits a certain way. You may also see their burrows, which are holes in the ground near water sources or sea walls. You may spot iguanas basking on trees, roofs, fences, docks, or canal banks. They can be green, brown, black, or gray, and have a long tail and a crest of spines along their back. They can also have a flap of skin under their chin.


You may hear iguanas making snorting, hissing, or grunting noises. These sounds can mean aggression, fear, or territoriality. You may also hear them scratching or clawing on surfaces such as wood or metal.


You may find iguana droppings in your yard. They are dark brown or black and have a white tip containing uric acid. They can be up to 4 inches long and 1 inch wide and have a distinctive smell. Be careful with the droppings since they may carry salmonella bacteria, which can cause illness in humans and pets.


You may notice damage to your vegetation, crops, flowers, or lawn caused by iguanas eating them. Iguanas are herbivorous and prefer tender leaves, fruits, flowers, and vegetables. You may also notice damage to your structures, such as seawalls, sidewalks, canal banks, levees, roofs, or fences which happens when iguanas burrow or climb on them. Iguanas can weaken the stability and integrity of these structures, which can lead to expensive repairs.


You may find iguana eggs on your lawn. Iguanas are oviparous and lay eggs once a year during the spring or summer. They can lay up to 70 eggs at once and then bury them in the ground in a burrow. Iguana eggs are white and oval-shaped and about 1.5 inches long. You may notice signs of digging or nesting behavior in female iguanas before they lay their eggs.

If you notice any of these signs of iguana presence on your property, you may want to contact a professional iguana monitoring service from Iguana Control to help you deal with them.

Request Iguana Removal Services in Coral Springs

Our professional iguana removal services can help you get rid of iguanas from your property. Iguanas are invasive reptiles that can cause damage to your landscape, vegetation, and structures. They can also carry diseases and parasites that can affect you and your loved ones. Here are some of the services that our iguana removal company offers:


Iguana Removal Coral Springs involves capturing and removing iguanas that are found on your property. We may use traps, snares, or other devices to catch iguanas. Removal is usually a last resort option, as it can be costly and time-consuming.


Iguana trapping involves setting up metal cages with bait such as fruit, vegetables, insects, or spiders to lure iguanas into them. Trapping is a humane and effective way to reduce the iguana population on your property, as the trapped iguanas can be safely relocated by our experts. Trapping requires regular iguana monitoring service and maintenance of the cages to ensure they are working properly.


This involves using various products and methods to deter iguanas from entering your property or staying there. Control can include installing barriers, fences, netting, or wire mesh to prevent iguanas from climbing or digging; applying iguana repellent or irritants to the vegetation or soil to make them unappealing to iguanas; or using sound, light, or motion devices to scare them away.

Photo of an Iguana Topography protection

Topography protection involves surveying your property and identifying the areas where iguanas are nesting, burrowing, or laying eggs. Topography protection can include filling in the holes, tunnels, or burrows that iguanas have created; removing or trimming the trees that iguanas use for shelter or access; or applying tree wraps or guards to prevent iguanas from climbing up your trees. Topography protection can help prevent further damage to your property and reduce the risk of ending up with an iguana infestation.

Our iguana removal services can vary in price depending on the size and location of your property, the number and type of iguanas present, the frequency and duration of the service you require, and the specific services that may be needed. When you call Iguana Control, you know you will receive a free estimate, consultation, or inspection before the service can start. Our company is proud to offer guarantees or follow-up visits to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Iguana removal services can help you protect your property and health from the negative impacts of iguanas. Hiring a professional company like Iguana Control can save time, money, and effort in dealing with these invasive reptiles. Waste no more time thinking about how to get rid of the iguanas on your property and give us a call today,

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