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iguana Iguanas are fascinating reptiles that many people keep as pets. In Dania Beach, Florida, it’s common to see them around. You might not even mind them here and there running through your yard. But iguanas on the loose can do untold damage to your property, which is why you need Iguana Control in Dania Beach.

Why You Need Iguana Removal in Dania Beach

Iguana trapping in Dania Beach is necessary because iguanas breed rapidly. Female iguanas have the potential to lay around 70 eggs every year. These eggs only take 90 to 120 days to grow, meaning that your property could soon be overrun with these large lizards.

Iguana Droppings

People look for iguana removal in Dania Beach because iguana droppings have a terrible smell and spread disease. It prevents you from enjoying your pool, garden, patio, and yard space.


In addition to all the iguana fecal matter left behind, iguanas burrow under the ground. This is why you might not realize there may be many iguanas on your property, causing destruction. As they burrow, they disturb the infrastructure that holds up your deck, sidewalks, pathways, pool platforms, docking, and seawalls.

Paint Damage

It’s not just your yard, either. Iguana Control also sees a fair amount of complaints from those that get iguana droppings on their cars. Iguana feces causes paint to peel off, resulting in a very pricey repair.


If you have a garden, iguanas will destroy your flowering plants. Even though they are herbivores, they also harm butterflies and snails, decimating the endangered species.

Every one of these reasons is why you need to call Iguana Control in Dania Beach.

What You Can Do for Iguana Control in Dania Beach

If you love your landscaping, chances are the iguanas do too. They love burrowing and snacking on your plants. You don’t have to tear down your garden oasis, though. What you need to do is deter them instead.

Build Barriers

Building barriers around your fencing may be helpful. A fence can’t keep iguanas out because they burrow under the ground. But if you put metal plates beneath the fencing, they will stop burrowing.

Fill Burrows

When you find iguana burrows, you should fill them, so they stop coming back. All you need are stones, which are natural and safe. This will send the message to the iguanas to get out of your yard.

Clean Your Garden

Composting may be beneficial for the environment, but if you leave out scraps of food when you have iguanas, they’ll think lunch has been served. Keep your garden clean and free of other temptations that could lure them in.

Save Your Roof from Iguanas

Iguanas have sharp claws that help them climb. They can easily get up onto your roof, especially if you have towering trees surrounding your property.

Once up there, they can find ways into your home. If you don’t want to be surprised by an iguana in your home, you should deter them from your rooftop.

Use Reflections

A fun fact about iguanas is that they are afraid of their own reflections. Iguana Control can use methods like these to safely get these big lizards off your roof and your land. Iguana trapping in Dania Beach is used as a last resort to evict them from your property.

Seal Things Up

If you have any cracks in your windows or doors, seal them immediately. Iguanas can use those claws to make their way inside your home.

Don’t Keep Your Home Like a Terrarium

Iguanas love the warm temperature we have in Dania Beach. Iguana Control in Dania Beach is always busy with these creatures because they enjoy the weather here. But if your home is kept too warm, iguanas will find that a welcome place to make a home of their own.

What to Do About Iguana Removal in Dania Beach?

Iguanas are most certainly pests for owners of residential and commercial properties. If you’ve tried to deter them and they won’t go away, let Iguana Control in Dania Beach help you keep them off your property.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you reclaim your yard with a free estimate.

Monitoring Iguanas

If you need iguana removal in Dania Beach, let Iguana Control monitor your property. We will look for the holes that iguanas build for their hatchlings to keep them from getting on your roof and inside your home.

Iguana Trapping Dania Beach

At Iguana Control, our efforts are focused on preventative measures to make iguanas stay away. However, we will trap them when necessary in the rare event our preventive efforts don’t work on a persistent iguana.

Property Protection

If you have a large plot of land, Iguana Control in Dania Beach can help with topography protection. We survey the area and protect it via monitoring methods and products. We treat the land safely, remove the holes, and make sure they don’t come back.

Be Iguana-Free with Iguana Control in Dania Beach

Iguana Control is Florida’s largest iguana control and removal company. We are confident we can expertly remove nuisance iguanas from your land. Our special methods blend unobtrusively with your landscaping and get these lizards to leave.

Let us show you the smart, safe, and effective way for iguana removal in Dania Beach. Contact us today for a free estimate and get control of your property.

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