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Iguana Iguanas are among the most intriguing and colorful lizards on the planet, and as a result, they are frequently kept as pets by persons interested in unusual species. Unfortunately, iguanas are also common in the southern parts of the United States, and these creatures may prove to be one of the most challenging problems for homeowners to solve. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where they reproduce in large numbers, iguanas are mostly a concern. Fortunately, Iguana Control has solutions for homeowners and business owners who are beset with iguanas. Contact us today to discuss prevention and removal options. 

Appearance of Iguanas

Green iguanas are the most frequent in Fort Lauderdale. They may grow up to seven feet long from head to tail and weigh up to thirty-five pounds. These pests can range in color from dark gray to pale brown to brilliant orange or drab green, despite “green” being in their name. They are coated in scales and have a membrane that hangs underneath their mouths, as well as comb-like spines that run across their backs.

Detection & Identification

In spite of their distinct appearance, these pests are frequently mistaken for other reptiles. One species that is known as the spiny-tailed iguana, for example, is commonly mistaken for an alligator due to its dark coloring. However, they are only a quarter of the size of adult alligators. 

Despite their habit of invading yards, iguanas are not violent towards humans unless they are threatened. They like the sun, reclining in grassy regions along highways, and seawalls. You should not attempt to catch or remove iguanas on your own. They are not generally harmful to humans, but you risk injuring yourself or the animal. 

Iguana Issues and Control

When angered, iguanas will strike with their formidable claws, tails, and jaws. When they tunnel through foundations, roadways, and seawalls, they can break or collapse them. The reptiles produce odorous droppings wherever they sunbathe, in addition to ruining landscaping by munching on plants, trees, and other leaves. 

Salmonella, a common source of food sickness, may be found in iguana excrement. Because it is unlawful in some regions to transfer wildlife, including Florida, homeowners should contact Iguana Control for help with iguana concerns.

Iguana Damage 

Iguanas are lizards that devour plants and will eat a wide variety of them. They prefer blooming bushes, such as hibiscus, as well as berry fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, they also reside in tunnels dug by them. 

These burrows may wreak havoc on garden lawns and sidewalks. Iguanas may also leave excrement that is foul and unattractive and poses a health risk since they transmit salmonella.

How to Keep Iguanas Out of your Garden 

As Florida’s leading iguana control company, we have the equipment, wildlife specialists, and employees to manage and reduce the green iguana population on your property. We use different techniques to discourage iguanas from entering the property; these include:

Monitoring Service

We keep an eye on your property to make sure there are no holes used for hatchlings. These holes are typically dug along seawalls and eventually undermine the seawalls, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in damage. We can advise you on how to keep particular trees pruned so that iguanas don’t have easy access to your home’s or building’s roof. They will naturally claw and look for gaps and gaps on your roof, causing additional damage.


As a final option, we’ll capture the stubborn iguana. Over 95% of our services are preventative. We rarely capture iguanas since these procedures are so efficient in lowering their populations.

Topography Protection

We can protect any topography. For example, there is a property with a diameter of about one mile and a height of several hundred feet that we can safeguard with our equipment and monitoring devices. This property had dozens of iguana nests when we initially treated it. It is now under control and no longer has the network of tunnels that it had previously.


All of our installers have been trained in the proper use of our equipment. They are looking for proof of iguana presence and will treat the area. Many landscape themes work well with our products.

Do Iguana Repellent Work?

We have seen repellents for every animal on the market, and they’re all money-making schemes or well-intentioned but ineffective products. The animal will not be affected. So, from years of experience and dozens of field tests, rest assured that iguana repellents are entirely useless.

What We Do Once We Have Caught An Iguana

The majority of states in the U.S. will have particular rules about what should be done with collected iguanas. However, because they are not native species, releasing animals back into the wild in a different place is typically forbidden and illegal in Florida. We must humanely exterminate the iguanas we trap

Learn More About Iguana Control

We cover commercial and residential regions throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, and with our significant experience in collecting these troublesome creatures, you can be assured that your property will be iguana-free. 

Our experts are bonded and certified to use all essential equipment to remove iguanas from the premises, and our company is completely insured. If you are a homeowner or business owner who is wary of dealing with iguanas running on your property, we are the ideal iguana control firm to fix your iguana problem for good.

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