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iguana There are many reasons to love living in Miramar, FL, from the proximity to the Everglades to the warm climate. These are reasons why iguanas also love living in South Florida and why they can be so difficult to get rid of. Whether you own a home or commercial property in Miramar, FL, you can trust Iguana Control to meet your iguana removal needs. Call us today at 855-525-5656 to learn more about our services and receive a free estimate.

Are Iguanas Dangerous?

Iguanas are not aggressive enough to be dangerous to humans. When they come in contact with a person in Miramar, FL, they are more likely to run away than they are to stand their ground. However, they are carriers of salmonella, and if you or your children come in contact with their feces, such as when an iguana defecates on a park bench or your backyard furniture, then the disease can be transmitted to humans. In order to prevent disease, wipe down any porch tables, chairs, pool decks, docks, or playsets that have any feces on them, which is good practice to prevent other illnesses from other animals. Salmonella causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and sometimes septicemia

Although iguanas are not vicious to humans and people are not at risk of being attacked by them, they can dig lengthy tunnels that can damage sidewalks and seawalls. They dig long burrows to lay their eggs that result in water getting into the weakened seawall, eventually eroding and damaging the infrastructure to the point where the seawall can collapse. This then leads to a dangerous situation where part of your backyard is falling into the water because the seawall has been compromised.

Iguanas also destroy sidewalks and concrete infrastructure. As a homeowner or commercial property owner, you want to prevent any trip hazards in your home that could cause injury to your guests, pets, or kids. A person’s foot can get caught on a cracked sidewalk, but getting rid of them prevents damage from happening. Iguanas were reported to have caused $1.8 million of damage in West Palm Beach because their digging undermined a dam that controlled water flow into the city’s reservoirs. Iguanas dig their burrows underneath the ground, which can collapse sidewalks, berms, foundations, and canal banks.

Why Do I Need a Professional Iguana Removal Service?

Iguanas are a growing nuisance in Miramar, FL, necessitating iguana removal services. You may be tired of seeing them scampering about in your backyard and wondering what can be done. Iguana Control not only prevents damage to your yard and foliage but prevents damage to sidewalks and seawalls. There are animal cruelty laws in Florida that outline the ethical standards of iguana removal in Miramar, FL that we abide by.

Iguana control is also notoriously difficult. You may have heard of these myths:

  • Place something shiny outside, like old, discarded CDs: This myth is based on the wrong idea that iguanas don’t like shiny things. If you place CDs or silver candle holders in your backyard or hang them, you’ll still see the iguanas, but you’ll also have the added risk of your family knocking into or stepping on these objects.
  • Using windchimes: This iguana removal tip is also a myth since there’s no evidence to support that iguanas are deterred by the sounds. 

One reason why you should use professional iguana removal services is that our practices are based on facts, not myths. We use cases and pole catching to capture the green lizards and remove them. Another reason why you should hire a professional iguana removal service in Miramar, FL is that we use techniques that discourage iguanas from entering your property to begin with. Once we remove them, we can install products to keep them from coming back.

Iguana Control Miramar

Preventative measures can control iguana populations in Miramar, FL. Tree wraps go around the trunks of trees to prevent iguanas and other small animals and rodents from climbing up them. Dock piling wraps do the same if you live on a canal. We trim trees back so that branches and palm fronds can’t form a “bridge” to your roof and cause damage. Anti-hole barriers go underneath dirt so that iguanas can’t dig holes into the ground and build their nests.

Iguana Removal Miramar

We use a combination of trapping and catching to rid your property of these green lizards. Trapping involves setting up a cage with bait in a location where the iguanas are likely to find it. We put flowers or vegetables in the cage to attract them. Repeating reptile cages can catch between 20 to 25 iguanas. The door shuts automatically on the cage, and then we come to remove them. Catching involves using a catchpole, which is a long, extendable metal rod with a thick wire at the end. It requires a professional with experience to use a catchpole, which is safe enough not to injure the reptiles or the technicians. Our professional technicians also use long, heavy gloves to remove the iguanas without getting hurt.

One of the greatest things about living in Miramar, FL is the weather. You can enjoy living in a warm climate with a lush backyard. But if iguanas are destroying your personal paradise, then call Iguana Control at (855) 525-5656. We are Florida’s largest iguana control company, and we are proud to serve all South Florida counties. Don’t waste time trying to look up home remedies online and using ineffective tactics. Rather, call us, the largest iguana control company in Florida.

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