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Iguanas in Pembroke Pines In Pembroke Pines, green iguanas have become annoying pests. These creatures invade yards, homes, and businesses. This invasive species of reptiles terrorize residents by destroying vegetation, flowers, fruits, and gardens while wreaking havoc as they feed on pet food and garbage left outdoors. According to the Wildlife Conservation Commission, iguanas can also pose a danger to pets. They can cause a lot of damage, which is why it is advised to have them removed immediately. For Pembroke Pines and all of Broward County, you’ll want to have iguana removal done by Iguana Control, the leading iguana experts in the Sunshine State.

Why Is It a Bad Sign to See Iguanas Near Your Pembroke Pines Home?

Not everyone is afraid of iguanas, and even if you aren’t, you should still be concerned about what they can do to your property. Green iguanas are considered nuisance wildlife, and it is in your best interest to get rid of them quickly.  Iguana Control offers iguana removal services and iguana trapping for your property. We tend to use trapping as an absolute last resort because we prefer to use our natural methods for safely removing iguanas from your property. It’s better to remove iguanas rather than kill iguanas, even though the state permits it. These creatures breed rapidly and make burrows underground. Hidden out of plain sight, female iguanas will lay up to 70 eggs every year. Since they only need 90 to 120 days before they hatch, iguanas can keep up their reign of terror. This is why it is essential to remove iguanas as fast as possible. With our iguana removal services, we can preserve your property from incurring more damage. Iguana Control uses smart tactics that remove animals from your yard by scaring them away.

Why You Need Iguana Removal Services

In Pembroke Pines, FL, let us help you with our iguana removal services. If you leave the burrows open, it makes animal entry into your home easier. They will continue to breed and destroy your landscaping and gardens. While they mostly munch on plants, they are known to feast upon endangered tree snails or even dead animals they find on the land.

Iguanas Are a Nuisance

Your beautiful Pembroke Pines property should not be destroyed by green iguanas. We provide services for Pembroke Pines, FL, and all of Broward County to remove these pesky creatures to preserve the integrity of your home.

Pet Protection

If you have cats or dogs, green iguanas can pose a great danger to them. These feisty lizards will bite when they feel provoked, making them a concern for every pet owner.

Filthy Feces

One thing you’ll notice when you have an infestation of green iguanas in Pembroke Pines, FL is that they leave droppings everywhere. The smell is potent enough to ruin the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, such as your pool, gardens, deck, and dock while also putting you and your family at risk of salmonella. Feces from iguanas can also peel the paint off your car, leading to an expensive repair.

What a Pembroke Pines Iguana Service Can Do

Iguana Control features a team of experts ready to provide you with iguana removal services. Our efficient practices safely and efficiently deter these massive lizards. We will also provide trapping services for stubborn iguanas that just won’t leave. When green iguanas take over your land, you need to get rid of this nuisance wildlife before they cause costly damage to your home. Our prevention and deterrence methods can help you restore peace once again.

Block Out Burrows

Trust us when we say that if you’ve seen one iguana on your property, there is likely a team of green iguanas doing all the dirty work underneath the ground. We use rocks to fill up their underground infrastructures to keep them away.


Iguanas never come alone, when there is one there’s multiple. As part of our mission to rid iguanas from your property, we offer various barriers such as iguana barriers, anti-hole barriers, and sea wall barriers.


If you already have iguanas on your property, it is in your best interest to contact your Pembroke Pines Iguana removal so we can set traps to safely remove them. We utilize various topographical solutions to prevent further iguana infestation on your property.

Iguana Removal Pembroke Pines

Iguanas are taking over in Pembroke Pines. Don’t let them overrun your beautiful home and make a mess of your yard and gardens. Our expert team can safely remove these nuisance lizards. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Call the Best Company for Removing Iguanas

When iguanas are destroying everything you love about your beautiful home, it’s time to give us a call. Our affordable services for removing iguanas will restore calm and quiet once again.  We start by inspecting your home and yard to look for signs of iguanas. Then we craft a custom plan with our effective tactics to keep them away. While we try to avoid trapping iguanas, we will do so if they don’t take the hint.  For larger plots of land, we provide topography protection to your infrastructure. Iguanas hiding underground could damage your foundation, pool deck, or seawall, leading to extensive and expensive repairs.

Get the Ultimate Iguana Solution for Pembroke Pines

Don’t wait for iguanas to overrun your home or become aggressive and pose a threat. Call our service for the iguana removal immediately to get them out of there. Once we scare them away, you can finally get back to enjoying your South Florida home and yard, just as you should.  Iguanas should never be on the loose anywhere in Florida. While they are fascinating creatures to observe in captivity, they do not belong in the wild in our state. Contact Iguana Control today and get your free estimate!

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