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Iguanas in Plantation In Plantation, Florida, green iguanas have become notorious for home invasions. The rapidly breeding green iguana can invade yards, gardens, attics, homes, and businesses. This invasive species has caused a reign of terror across South Florida, destroying property and lurking as a dangerous nuisance for people and pets.  Much like raccoons, to iguanas, your yard and garden are a source of food. The damage they can create is so extreme that you should do everything you can to prevent iguanas from inhabiting your property before it’s too late.  For Plantation, Florida, and the rest of Broward County, you should call the leading iguana experts at Iguana Control for the increasingly common service of iguana removal today.

Why Is It a Bad Sign to See Iguanas in Plantation, Florida?

Even though you may not be afraid when you see an iguana in your yard, you should have iguana removal services come to your home immediately. This nuisance wildlife can quickly ruin the beauty and comfort of your Plantation home.  Iguana Control provides iguana removal or iguana trapping services for your property. Trapping is something we reserve as a last resort because we prefer to use our other natural methods rather than set traps for the safe removal of iguanas from your property. Iguanas are creatures that breed rapidly. They will build a nest and make burrows underground. The reason you must get rid of them fast is that female iguanas can lay as many as 70 eggs each year. It only takes 90 to 120 days before those eggs hatch. That means you can have more iguanas on your property than you think! If you call us now for details on removing iguanas, we can save your property from damage caused by the common green iguana. Iguana Control proudly uses smart iguana removal tactics that scare them away.

Why You Need Iguana Removal in Plantation, Florida

In Plantation, let us help you with our iguana removal services. If you do not fill the burrows they create, it makes iguana entry into your home possible. They will continue their path of destruction by breeding, destroying your gardens and landscaping, and quite possibly your foundation too. Even though iguanas eat plants, they have also been known to eat endangered creatures like tree snails and other animals.

Iguanas Are Irritating

Call us for the removal of these pesky lizards to save your Plantation property. You’ve worked too hard to have a lovely home, and you deserve to live there in peace. With iguana removal, you can go back to enjoying your home and yard space again.

Protect Your Pets

All pet owners should be concerned if they see iguanas. You’ll want to arrange for immediate iguana removal because these lizards will bite if provoked.

Stinky Fecal Matter

In Plantation, removal of iguanas is essential because they leave droppings all over the surroundings. The stench that comes from the feces left by iguanas can keep you from enjoying your outdoor space and can put you and your loved ones at risk of salmonella. It can also destroy the paint job on your car.

What Plantation Iguana Removal Can Do for Residential and Commercial Properties

The team of experts at Iguana Control is ready to help you with iguana removal in Plantation. We use efficient practices that safely and effectively deter these big lizards. When needed, we will also provide trapping rather than removal to get stubborn iguanas to leave your property.  Iguana removal is important in Plantation because iguanas can take over your land and cause costly damage. We use prevention and deterrence methods to help you with your peace of mind.

Sealing Burrows

If you see one iguana on your Plantation property, there are certainly many more hiding in an underground network. We fill the burrows with rocks to get rid of them and keep them from returning.


Iguanas travel in packs and can invade your property fast. At Iguana Control, our objective is to remove iguanas from your property. In doing so, we provide various barriers such as iguana barriers, anti-hole barriers, and sea wall barriers.


You may not realize it, but you could have iguanas on your property. It is in your best interest to contact your Plantation Iguana removal so we can set traps to safely remove them. We utilize various topographical solutions to prevent further iguana infestation on your property.

Iguana Removal Plantation

In Plantation, iguanas have been taking over. Now you can call the shots by calling our expert team to safely remove these invasive lizards. Contact Iguana Control immediately to get your free estimate!

Call the Best Company in Florida to Remove Iguanas

When you have iguanas destroying your beautiful home and landscaping, it’s time to give Iguana Control a call to get rid of them. We feature affordable services for removing iguanas so you can enjoy your slice of Floridian paradise.  First, we begin with an inspection of your home and yard to see if we find signs of an iguana invasion. Next, we create a custom plan using our effective tactics to keep these pests away. We try to deter them first, but we will trap them if they won’t go away. If your plot of land is a bit larger, we can also provide topography protection to keep the burrows from causing your foundation, sea wall, or pool deck to sink.

Get the Ultimate Iguana Solution for Plantation

If you’ve seen one iguana, don’t hesitate to call us for removal. These creatures can get aggressive, and they pose a huge threat to the safety of your home and family. We will scare them away, allowing you to enjoy your home again. Iguanas are incredibly interesting creatures, but seeing them in your yard or home is a bad sign. As they are not native to Florida, they should never be out roaming wild and free. If you have iguanas on your property, contact Iguana Control for your free estimate right now!

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