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Iguana For years, iguanas were marketed and kept in the United States as pets. When some owners released them into the wild, however, they became an invasive species. They are now commonly found in Pompano Beach, Florida, where they have a conducive environment for breeding. Today, the sale or transfer of iguanas is illegal in the state of Florida. You are also not able to release them into the wild. If you have an iguana infestation in South Florida, call the experts at Iguana Control to handle this issue. 



Iguanas are giant reptiles that may weigh up to thirty-five pounds and reach lengths of up to seven feet. Their long tails, tiny legs, and soft, leathery scales are distinguishing features. 

Iguanas are often green or a combination of green and gray. From the tip of their tail to the top of their neck, their backs have a row of spines. Iguanas have sharp, serrated rows of teeth as well.


Iguanas are arboreal creatures that like to reside high in the canopy of their tropical habitats. The animal can bathe in the sun since it lives high in the trees, but female iguanas also spend time on the ground, digging tunnels to lay eggs. These lizards are excellent swimmers and like to live near bodies of water.

Do iguanas harm people or property?

Iguanas are primarily herbivores, feeding on plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers, making landscapes a valuable food source. Iguanas also consume berries, figs, mangos, tomatoes, and bananas, which may cause them to wander onto farms. 

Females lay their eggs underground in tunnels that they dig or borrow from other burrowing animals. Their burrowing operations can cause sidewalks, building foundations, and patios to deteriorate or collapse. Iguana droppings may also be unattractive and include bacteria that cause sickness, such as salmonella.

Avoid The Damage Done By Iguanas

Iguanas create tunnel networks near water to protect their nests from seawalls, pool pipes, and pool walls. These pests can also deliver a terrible slap with their whip-like tail as well as a terrible bite. When you consider the risk of salmonella being spread to humans and pets by their droppings, it’s easy to understand why it’s critical to contact an Iguana Removal professional if you have an Iguana problem.

At Iguana Control, we provide a variety of control and preventative services to ensure that your property is iguana-free and future-proof in the event that iguanas decide to repopulate.


Some Iguanas are obstinate and will require more effort to remove, particularly if they have learned to avoid humans. We have effective traps that will effectively capture iguanas invading your property. However, this is typically a last-resort choice because the bulk of our services are preventive in nature.

Land Surveying

Our staff comes on-site to do a thorough inspection of your property for any holes in the ground where iguanas may lay their eggs. Iguanas reproduce in these burying holes along sea cliffs and bodies of water. If left unchecked, an uncontrolled population of iguanas can multiply and damage the landscape of your house or the vegetation that surrounds your business.

We can also advise you on how to keep the trees on your property in good shape so that iguanas don’t climb them. Iguanas may easily scale the roofs of buildings if there are large trees near your home. The iguanas will scratch and look for crevices to hide in, perhaps causing roof damage.

Application of Tools

All Iguana Control experts are certified in the installation and use of our complete array of iguana control products. There are indications that point to the presence of iguanas and their habitats, and our staff is trained to spot them.

Property Protection

If your home or company is located on a big piece of land, we can provide entire topographical protection for your property. Our specialists will survey the region and use our products and monitoring systems to secure your property. Multiple iguana nests on a piece of land that go undiscovered for lengthy periods of time might be sheltering an entire community of iguanas, causing damage to your property’s plants and surroundings. We clean big sections of land and fill in any holes left by iguanas.

Iguana Repellents

We have seen many iguana repellents on the market, and they are entirely ineffective. We use effective, battle-tested remedies to clear your property of iguanas.

What Happens After We Capture the Iguana

Green iguanas are not protected in Florida except by anti-cruelty regulations, and we will humanely exterminate them once we catch them. We do not advocate that you try to get rid of iguanas on your own since the state of Florida limits how they may be captured and exterminated. Instead, please contact us. We are licensed and certified to control iguanas in the Pompano Beach region and beyond.

Iguana Pest Control

Even after taking iguana-proofing measures, do you still see a lot of iguanas on your lawn? If you’re ready to take on your iguana problem head-on, it’s time to bring in the experts. We are here to help you. Please contact us right away for a free iguana removal quote.

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