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Photo of Iguana on Street Iguanas are a common sight in Sunrise, Broward County, and in all of South Florida, where they have been introduced as exotic pets and have escaped or been released into the wild by frustrated owners. These reptile species are not native to Florida and have no natural predators in the state. They have adapted well to the warm and humid climate in Sunrise, FL, and have found plenty of food sources in the urban and suburban areas. Do not tolerate the iguanas on your land any longer, and call Iguana Control today.

Damage Caused By Iguanas in Sunrise FL

Besides eating away at people’s landscaping and vegetation, iguanas can cause all sorts of damage to the environment and to human property in Florida. They dig burrows that can undermine sidewalks, seawalls, foundations, and pipes.

They eat ornamental plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables in gardens and landscapes. They also defecate on sidewalks, patios, decks, roofs, and pool areas, creating a health hazard and an unpleasant odor. Iguanas can also carry diseases such as salmonella and botulism that can infect humans and pets.

Hire Professional Iguana Trapping and Removal Services From Iguana Control

Because of the problems mentioned above, many homeowners and business owners in Sunrise, Florida are looking for ways to get rid of iguanas from their properties through iguana trapping, removal, and control services.

One of the most effective methods is to hire a professional iguana removal service from Iguana Control. We can provide trapping, removal, relocation, and prevention solutions for the nests on your property in Sunrise, FL.

Our iguana removal services give you the reassurance you seek because we have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to safely and humanely remove iguanas from residential and commercial properties.

Our experts can also advise you on how to make the property less attractive and accessible to iguanas by removing food sources, covering garbage cans, installing barriers and repellents, trimming trees and shrubs, and filling in burrows to prevent iguanas from causing damage to any area of your land.

What Are the Most Obvious Signs That There Are Iguanas in My Yard?

Some signs that you have iguanas in your yard are:


You see these large lizards sunbathing on your roof, patio, sidewalk, or seawall. They like to bask in warm places and can be quite conspicuous when they do so.

Damage to Landscaping in Sunrise FL

You notice damage to your plants, especially flowers, fruits, and vegetables. These reptiles are herbivores and will eat a variety of plants in your garden. They can also strip the bark of trees and shrubs.

Holes in the Ground

You find burrows or holes in your lawn or near your foundation. These reptiles dig burrows to lay their eggs and hide from predators. These burrows can undermine structures and create safety hazards.


You see or smell iguana droppings in your yard. Iguana droppings are large, dark, and pellet-like. They can also carry diseases such as salmonella and botulism that can infect humans and pets.

When you observe any of the above, it is time to reach out to the iguana trapping and removal services in Sunrise, FL offered by Iguana Control. Regain control of your land and grounds and keep your loved ones safe by allowing us to provide you with iguana repellent strategies, topography protection, and an expert iguana monitoring service.

How Can I Scare These Pests From My Yard?

Some ways to scare away an iguana from your yard are:

  • Use water hoses and motion-activated sprinklers to spray them with water. They dislike the sound and the sensation of water gushing out of a hose pipe.
  • Scare them by making loud noises or playing music. You can use wind chimes, bells, whistles, clapping, shouting, or any other sound that will startle them and make them run away.
  • Use reflective or shiny objects to deter them. You can hang CDs, aluminum foil, mirrors, or other reflective items near sea walls or on trees and plants that you want to protect. The light and movement of these objects will confuse and scare them away.

We Help You Get Rid of All Your Green Iguanas in Florida

Closeup Photo of an Iguana One of the leading iguana removal services in South Florida is FL Iguana Control. Our company serves Sunrise, FL, and all of Broward County, Florida, and all surrounding areas. Our FL iguana removal services specialize in iguana trapping and green iguana removal services, which are the most common and invasive species of iguana in Sunrise, FL.

A green iguana can grow up to six feet long and weigh up to 20 pounds, causing damage to ornamental plants and all sorts of plants and vegetation. Green iguanas can be aggressive and dangerous when threatened or cornered in Sunrise, FL.

Florida iguana removal services and trapping, with Iguana Control, uses humane traps that capture any iguana alive without harming them. The trapped green iguana can then be relocated to a licensed wildlife facility or placed elsewhere according to state regulations. FL iguana removal also offers a free inspection and estimate for iguana control services in Sunrise, FL, trapping and removal.

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If you are looking for reliable and affordable iguana removal services in South Florida, contact Iguana Control today. We will help you get rid of your iguana problem and restore your peace of mind through our FL iguana removal and iguana control services and trapping.

There is no need for you to continue tolerating an iguana invasion in your Sunrise, FL, property. Recover your peace of mind and request iguana removal Sunrise from Iguana Control. We will gladly stop by your home in Sunrise and provide you with a plan of action and a no-obligation estimate. Call us today.

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