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If you’ve heard skittering in nearby bushes or found animal droppings on your Wilton Manors property, then your concern will be how to remove them. These wildlife animals can wreak havoc in your Wilton Manors gardens. In South Florida, one of the most common types of pests is the green iguana. They can climb up trees, burrow under sidewalks, and build tunnels under porches and sheds.

Photo of an iguana sitting on a tree

Iguana control experts offer removal services throughout South Florida including Miami, Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties. There are so many plants in Wilton Manors that iguanas are attracted to like mango trees, orchids and hibiscus flowers. They’re much more of a nuisance in neighborhoods with lots of trees or along canals.

Iguanas have diseases that can be transferred to humans and pets in Wilton Manors. An iguana “sheds” that bacteria through their feces, which then gets on its skin and transfers to anything it touches. Iguana removal services can reduce the risk of illness to pets and humans.

Homeowners and business owners in Wilton Manor that are interested in iguana control or trapping services to keep their landscape sanitary and looking great should call us now. With many years of experience, Iguana Control is skilled in using approved methods by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Call us at (855) 525-5656 to ask about our iguana trapping, removal, and control services in Wilton Manors.

Humane Iguana Trapping and Removal

Iguana trapping should be done by a wildlife removal professional. There are two trapping methods that we use to catch and get rid of nuisance wildlife on your property: cage trapping and catching with a pole.

Iguana trapping using a cage is one of the approved methods for wildlife control and removal. We set up cages in areas that will attract the most iguanas using bait like fruit, vegetables, and flowers. The specific type of cage we use for removal services are called repeating cages because they can capture up to 20 to 25 iguanas. This is an effective way to get rid of many of the animals at a time.

Another iguana trapping method is to use a catch-pole, a long cut extendable metal rod that the trapper can use from a safe distance. On the end of the pole is a loop that wraps around the neck of the iguana. Iguanas are known to bite, so this form of iguana trapping should only be performed by experienced iguana removal specialists in Wilton Manors.

Trapping services in Wilton Manors are part of the overall plan to control the iguana population on your land. We need to do this before we can move onto prevention methods, which is another service we provide to property owners in Wilton Manors. Topography protection is a method of keeping small animals off your land after you have gone through the trouble of getting rid of them. Ask us about this service and other control services we offer.

Professional Iguana Removal Service

We are a professional iguana trapping, control and removal company serving Wilton Manors, greater Broward and even as far south as Miami Dade. We are committed to helping you take control of your Wilton Manors property.

Iguana Removal

Although they seem small, slow, and harmless, iguanas are wild animals that can bite, scratch with their sharp claws, and spread germs. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) advises you to hire professional wildlife removal services rather than removing iguanas yourself. It’s wiser to hire wildlife control services so that we can get rid of nuisance wildlife and you avoid the risk of being bitten.

Maintain Your Wilton Manors Land

Iguana removal is one aspect of nuisance control in Wilton Manors. In addition to removal services, we offer monitoring services and take preventative action to ensure they don’t come back.

In addition to iguana removal services, we also offer iguana control and wildlife control in Wilton Manors. Topography protection is a service that we offer to keep these animals off your land. People in Wilton Manors get frustrated because many removal  methods that they read about online often don’t work, but with our proven methods, you won’t waste time or money.

Nest Removal

Our wildlife control and removal technicians in Wilton Manors are skilled at identifying the scope of your iguana infestation by locating the source of their nests. Female iguanas can lay up to 75 eggs a year. Nest removal and neutralization is essential in controlling the population of the iguanas before they overrun your Wilton Manors land.

Photo of three iguanas in a grass field

Iguana Removal Wilton Manors

If you have foundation issues or your garden has been torn up by iguanas, then you will need a wildlife removal specialist in Wilton Manors before you can fix your foundation or yard. After you have put the work into restoring your home and garden, you want to be sure that iguanas don’t return. With the myriad control services we offer, from topographical modification to iguana trapping, we can assist you in keeping your Wilton Manors property free of pests.

Iguana monitoring service is vital to successful iguana removal and control services. Iguana Control determines the extent of the infestation of iguanas on your Wilton Manors property and where they are concentrated. We look for holes in the ground or cracks in a sidewalk or seawall to identify tunnels and nests. We create a map of where they were spotted and focus our removal and control services on those areas.

Call (855) 525-5656 now to learn more about our removal and control services and to schedule a time for one of our technicians to visit your Wilton Manors residential or commercial property.

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