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Need Help Getting Pointed in the Right Direction?

Below you will find some common questions and the direct contact info for those departments to help you get to the right person quickly.


Tom Portuallo
Phone (954) 588-3188

  • How do I contact my technician?
  • Can I change my schedule with my technician?
  • Access to my property has changed


Thomas Mercer
Phone (754) 304-8116

  • I have a question about what you do on the property.
  • What are your fees for service?
  • What programs do you offer?
  • How quickly can you start service?
  • Do you service my area?


Jennifer Altschuler
Phone (954) 770-2613

  • I need your company’s W-9 and Invoice for payment processing
  • Have you received my payment?
  • I have not received my renewal
  • Please send me additional payment options

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