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Aug 16, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

Do you live in Florida? Are you wondering if there’s a way to get rid of iguanas for good? Not too long ago, residents of Florida became victims of falling iguanas.

As the temperatures dropped late last year, so did the iguanas fall from the trees. As a result, the stiff iguanas hit anything and anyone beneath them. Pedestrians and vehicles became victims.

But the problem with iguanas doesn’t only come during the colder months. A rise in their population can equate to a spike in certain types of health hazards.

Thus, the need for effective iguana control is paramount. Having one or two as pets is OK. But seeing them invade homes and private properties is a cause for concern.

But what exactly can you do as a home or business owner? Continue reading below as we discuss why you need to curb the iguana threat and how.

Multi-Faceted Disruption

Back in 2019, the population of invasive iguana in Florida spiked. This led to different kinds of problems that are mainly disruptive.

As we mentioned earlier, the drop in temperatures in the state caused these scaly reptiles to fall from the trees. The colder temperatures slowed down their movement.

In some cases, the drop in temperature left the iguanas motionless like rocks. As this happened, the lizards fell and hit unsuspecting pedestrians, cars, and anything under them.

A couple of years back, an iguana shorted the power lines in Lauderdale Lakes. In turn, it tripped the electrical line and cut the electricity in a nursing home. Because of the incident, the staff inside the nursing home rushed 20 of its residents to the hospital for immediate medical care.

Another incident from 2019 involved iguanas damaging the structural foundation and integrity of a restaurant near Miami. The iguanas burrowed six feet underground to lay their eggs. This burrowing caused the soil where the restaurant stands to erode.

The damage to the restaurant reached $40,000.

And if that doesn’t scare you, Iguanas also caused serious problems in a dam in West Palm Beach. The iguanas colonized an old dam that was in dire need of repairs. The iguanas used the dam as a pathway for them to establish a new territory.

The Salmonella Conundrum

As we mentioned earlier, iguanas also pose serious threats to your health. As early as the mid-1990s, experts noted that people can get salmonella through iguanas. Doctors cautioned that iguanas carry the salmonella bacteria inside their guts.

The problem is when they defecate, their feces containing salmonella touches their skin. The same thing goes for their cages, and all the other stuff they come in contact with.

When humans touch the infected skin or items, the bacteria can enter that former’s system. The medical issues that salmonella can cause are quite extensive. For starters, a healthy adult may experience diarrhea and vomiting.

In some cases, cramps and fever may follow. However, things become serious for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Pregnant women, as well as people children below five years old and above the age of 65, may suffer from meningitis or septicemia. The same thing goes for people who are currently taking antibiotics.

Hence, washing your hands after holding an iguana – even if it is your pet – is non-negotiable. Do the same thing after handling any item that the iguanas come in contact with.

Professional Assistance

When iguanas start to infest your area, you will have a hard time controlling them. Thus, you need a little help from a professional specializing in iguana removal. But what exactly does a professional iguana control expert do?

These experts use special iguana control products that help remove iguanas and treat your property accordingly. The key to effectively keeping iguanas begins by reducing their population.

For starters, a trusted iguana removal company can install special barriers that keep iguanas from entering your property. They also build anti-hole barriers that keep the lizards from digging tunnels.

One of the key components iguanas need to reproduce are long tunnels. They build these tunnels by digging through your patios and foundations. Thereafter, they use these tunnels as nests where they can lay their eggs.

Also, the iguana pest control experts can install sea wall barriers. These barriers will keep the iguanas from crawling up the sea wall and into your property.

Additionally, the professionals can also manage your foliage. This is important since iguanas love climbing trees and use them as bridges to climb up your roof. Once they reach your roof, they can find a hole and turn it into a nest.

When this happens, leaks on your roof are sure to follow.

Doing Your Part

Calling a professional is important especially when things get out of hand. But you should also do your part to ensure that the iguanas don’t come back anytime soon. Though iguanas can be destructive, they are still animals.

Hence, make sure to get rid of them without hurting them.

Start by revisiting your home’s landscaping. Get rid of overgrown plants and bushes, as they easily attract iguanas.

If you see any piles of rocks and woods, get rid of them as well. De-clutter your yard by discarding all debris.

Also, check the types of plants and flowers that you have. Vegetable gardens and hibiscus are iguana magnets. If you want to retain these plants, consider building a greenhouse.

And if you have any hollow trees, consider cutting them down.

Additionally, make sure to pick up the fruits that fall from your trees. Iguanas love fruits and leaving the latter on the ground will certainly attract those pesky lizards.

Last but not least, make sure to check for any holes on your property. If you see one, cover it immediately. Iguanas love making holes, which they turn into nests.

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