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iguana Iguanas have become a state-wide crisis because their population has grown out of control. These reptiles have long life spans and breed rapidly because female iguanas lay several dozens of eggs at a time. The state has begun tracking iguanas and requiring pet owners to chip reptiles in this category. Iguanas are known for their dangerous ability to destroy ecosystems and ruin landscapes. Instead of trying to get rid of iguanas yourself, it is recommended you work with a professional. This is because you can run the risk of harming them illegally. Even though iguanas are not a protected species, animal cruelty laws are still in effect. You can call Iguana Control to learn how you can quickly and efficiently remove iguanas from your land in Delray Beach. 

Is It Illegal to Kill an Iguana?

It is illegal to kill an iguana humanely, so it is highly encouraged that you trap them without harming them. This is because it is challenging to kill these animals without causing them great suffering

Poisoning Them

If you feed iguanas poison, this is considered inhumane. This is because it is unknown whether or not the iguana will die, based on the amount of food they eat and how much poison was consumed in that one feeding. The animal could continue to suffer, or it may eventually die after hours of pain. If you are found guilty of poisoning iguanas, you can be put in jail for up to one year and charged fines. 

Putting Iguanas in Freezers

Some individuals think freezing iguanas is a simple approach to a complex problem. This is also considered animal abuse and can result in you being arrested and charged. Freezing an iguana also causes suffering and can result in the painful death of these large reptiles. 

Drowning Iguanas in Water

Iguanas can swim but do not breathe underwater, which is why some property owners take this approach. However, doing this to iguanas can result in being punished. Iguanas feel immense pain when being drowned, so this is also a form of animal cruelty. 

Shooting Iguanas With Actual Bullets

Even when on private property, shooting iguanas can result in you getting punished. This is because shooting iguanas doesn’t always kill them immediately. They have tough skin and may suffer immense injuries for a long time before death or continue to live with deep wounds. 

How Do You Deter Iguanas?

There are ways you can repel iguanas from your home and property without resorting to illegal methods. 

No Feeding 

If you notice wild iguanas on your property, don’t feed them and make them feel safe on your land. This can also attract more iguanas to your premises. Encouraging them to gather on your land will allow them to breed and reproduce even more quickly. 

Create Barriers

Building fences around your property can be a good idea to make it harder for iguanas to get in. Iguanas can still burrow underground, but it will be harder for them to penetrate your land if they cannot scale walls. It is recommended to build large wood fences, not chain-linked fences, to prevent them from squeezing through the gaps in the fence. 

Protect Your Pool 

Iguanas are attracted to pools and are great swimmers who can hold their breath for 20 to 30 minutes. This can be a health risk because they also can leave feces in the water. To protect your pool from them, consider building a gate around the pool to make it more difficult for them to get into. 

Guard Plants and Trees

Even if you aren’t intentionally feeding iguanas, you inadvertently provide them food if your garden and shrubbery are open to their invasion. You can try iguana deterrent sprays, smooth, slippery surfaces they can’t get past, or barriers to prevent them from accessing your plants. Iguanas can also climb trees and drop onto your property. You can try placing a slippery surface around the base of your trees and with permission on neighboring trees to prevent this. Another idea is to cut branches of trees that are leaning over fence barriers and onto your land. 

What Else Can I Do?

You can avoid making common mistakes that can result in you getting into trouble for inhumanely killing and trapping iguanas. Work with professional iguana trappers who use tried and tested methods to remove iguanas from your land efficiently. To get started, call Iguana Control to get additional information on how to get started.

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