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If you’ve spotted an iguana in your yard, you may not realize that it’s a sign of trouble ahead for your property. Iguanas are an invasive species in Florida, and when there’s one, you can bet that there are many more.

These large lizards can do serious damage to your land, and you’ll want to find effective iguana removal services. For professional iguana management, contact Iguana Control for safe and humane removal. As wildlife experts, we specialize in effective iguana removal for residential and commercial properties.

Don’t wait until iguanas destroy everything on your property. Contact us today to get iguana removal in Lee County.

The Growing Problem of Iguana Infestations in Estero

Iguanas have taken over in Estero and other parts of Florida because these creatures began as pets. When iguana owners can’t care for these lizards anymore, they carelessly let them go into the wild rather than turning them over to a rescue group.

The result is that iguanas are destroying the area, tearing up native plants, and feasting on endangered species. They spread salmonella and other germs around while causing structural damage to residential and commercial properties alike.

Effective iguana removal is necessary to stop the damage and the spread of these invasive animals. Despite this, they are protected by anti-cruelty laws, which means you must have them properly removed from your property. The best way to do this is through a professional iguana management company with experts who can safely remove iguanas and deter them from coming back.

In Estero, Iguana Control is the company you need for professional iguana removal services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get these meddlesome creatures off of your property for good.

How Iguanas Negatively Impact Residential and Commercial Properties

Iguanas are a danger to people, pets, homes, and businesses. They burrow under the ground to lay eggs and further spread the infestation. This burrowing can damage your home or business’s foundation, sea walls, sidewalks, and much more.

As mentioned, iguanas can carry salmonella and spread it through their droppings or by biting. Male iguanas can be incredibly aggressive and may terrorize you on your property.

If you’ve noticed that your garden and landscaping have taken a beating, it could be the work of iguanas on your property. They may be attracted to your plants and consider them a great resource for food. They’ll also snack on endangered snails and other native species, throwing the ecosystem in Estero further out of balance.

Avoid approaching iguanas when you see them as they may try to bite you and your pets. Instead, you should rely on the professionals to remove them according to proper protocol.

Choose Iguana Control to help you safely remove these critters from your property. Our effective iguana removal can restore peace and harmony to your yard.

Iguana on a tree with it's mouth open

Iguana Control Services for Effective Iguana Removal

Many Estero residents and business owners don’t realize they have an iguana problem. You may have seen one of them and went on your way. However, there are likely many more of them lurking in the burrows they’ve dug underground. Don’t wait until you have tons of iguanas roaming your property.

Professional iguana management can help get rid of these intruding lizards. At Iguana Control, we have the right equipment and training to safely get rid of these rambunctious reptiles. Even though they are invasive pests, they are still protected by anti-cruelty laws, and our effective iguana removal tactics abide by those regulations.

Our Safe, Humane, and Effective Iguana Removal Practices

Iguanas in Estero are classified as pests, but they need to be removed with care while abiding by the laws. Our professional team is committed to using environmentally friendly practices for controlling iguanas and preventing their invasion of your property.

Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we can assure swift action will be taken to rid your land of these large lizards and stop them from causing more damage. When iguanas are roaming your yard, you need to take action before they multiply and find ways inside your home. Let us handle your iguana problem with professional iguana management in the safest, most effective, and most humane ways possible.

Tips for Preventing Iguanas from Infesting Your Property

The best way to keep iguanas away is to have a strong defense. Start by looking at your garden and promptly gathering your fruits and vegetables. You may want to replace your plants with ones that iguanas avoid, such as oleander, chenille, and Mexican buttonwood.

Iguanas have sharp claws that make it easy for them to scale up your trees. You can wrap the trunks with sheet metal to prevent them from gaining traction. Make sure you have your landscaper trim your tree limbs back away from your home to prevent iguanas from getting on your roof. They can claw into your attic and cause serious and costly damage.

Patrol your yard regularly to look for holes that lead to the burrows the iguanas dig deep down. You can fill those holes with rocks to stop them from coming back. The best way to be sure you don’t continue to experience issues with iguanas is to choose professional iguana management for your peace of mind. In Estero, Iguana Control can help you with effective iguana removal.

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