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Iguana removal is a very important step in getting rid of or at least reducing the population of this invasive species in Florida. Wild iguanas have been classified by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) as an invasive species and as such, these reptiles are only subject to anti-cruelty laws. This means that you can remove them from your property as long as you’re the property owner or you have permission from the owner of the property to do so.

So, if you have numerous iguanas on your property, you should call a pest control company that can deal with these nuisance invasive iguanas. Iguana Control can remove iguanas from private property and commercial properties.

If you’re looking for iguana removal services in Lee County then you should contact Iguana Control to learn how we can resolve your iguana issue in a professional and humane manner. We’re wildlife experts who specialize in the removal of these animals and will ensure that they don’t return to your property in the future.

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Making Sense of the Invasive Green Iguana Issue

In order to understand how to best solve the green iguana issue, you need to first understand how the iguana situation got to this point. The iguana issue is a complex one that requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise to understand and solve. In order to truly solve the issue you need to have a basic understanding of how we got here and how green iguanas behave in Florida’s environment.

The Origin of Fort Myers’ Iguana Problem

Many years ago it was common in Florida to keep dark green iguanas as exotic pets. After one too many people realized that green iguanas get very large and eat lots of plants and vegetation, they released them into the wild. The iguanas began to auto-populate and encroach on the territory of native wildlife in areas like Fort Myers Beach.

Iguanas now hang around in shrubs, trees, other foliage, and underground where they can cause damage. Though they’re typically herbivorous, green iguanas will sometimes eat native insects, which depletes the food population for native species that also feast on them.

How Green Iguanas Threaten the Environment

Green iguanas pose a threat not only to public works projects but also to other animals and humans. During their mating season, iguanas typically burrow under the ground to lay their eggs; this can cause damage to critical infrastructure like sea walls and sidewalks, which can lead to expensive landscaping costs. Green iguanas also carry the salmonella bacteria and male iguanas are known to be aggressive and can bite if approached.

No matter what, it is recommended by public safety committees that individuals don’t approach these pests and leave the contact and trapping to a professional South Florida company that will get the job done the right way.

Why You Should Choose Iguana Control

It is recommended that when you have an issue with iguanas on your property that you choose a company that is licensed in the removal and disposal of wild animals that have become a nuisance on your property. Wild animals can be dangerous and pose serious health risks should you try and handle them yourself, so it is recommended that you instead choose a professional to help you remove them from your property.

A professional company can also help to save you time and money that you would be spending trying to obtain and learn how to use the equipment necessary for capturing the iguanas that are causing trouble on your property. A professional team already knows how to best use the equipment and already have access to it, so they can easily use it to rid your property of the bothersome reptiles that have caused you trouble.

Finally, we are committed to the humane treatment of all the animals that we come into contact with at Iguana Control. We make sure that we employ only the most humane of tactics from the moment that we capture the iguanas to the moment they’re disposed of. Don’t worry about if the iguanas will be treated poorly or if unnecessary harm will come to them, as we ensure that the entire process is humane and will cause no excess stress or harm to the lizards that we capture and dispose of for you.

Iguana Control is Dedicated to Humane Removal Practices

While iguanas can be a nuisance, they are also living beings that are just trying to survive. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re taking care of an iguana problem because it will help you to remember that these animals must be treated humanely and with a certain degree of respect. If we’re going to reverse the damage done to the local ecosystem by these creatures, then we need to make sure that we’re going about it the right and humane way.

Contact Iguana Control for Your Iguana Removal Needs

When green iguanas have taken over your space in Fort Myers, you need to contact the professionals at Iguana Control. We’ll make sure that we not only remove all iguanas from your property but we will also make sure to prevent any further iguanas from returning. You can rest easy when you put your trust in Iguana Control.

Fill out our contact form today and get a free estimate of what we can do to solve the iguana problem on your property. We’re ready and willing to put in the work needed to solve your unique iguana problem and put your property back under your control. Don’t let these invasive creatures take over your yard or property, let us show you that with time and dedication you can win the fight against iguanas.

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