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You may enjoy seeing nature roam around your yard in Iona, but if you see iguanas, you should be on high alert. These large lizards are invasive in the state of Florida, and the damage they can cause may be exponential.

You must find effective iguana removal services to get things back on track. For professional iguana removal, contact Iguana Control. We are wildlife experts who specialize in getting these pests off residential and commercial properties.

Iguana Control has the expertise and experience to handle any iguana problem. Our certified team of professional iguana control specialists has spent years helping residents and business owners remove these reptiles. Don’t wait until your iguana issues worsen. Contact us today to get iguana removal in Lee County.

Dangers and Concerns Associated with Iguanas

Thanks to former iguana owners who found these lizards too unruly as pets, many have been released into the wild. Unfortunately, since iguanas are not native to Florida, they have disrupted the ecosystem by destroying native plants and small endangered species with their reign of terror.

Here is how iguanas can cause a major upset in Iona.

Damage to Landscaping and Structures

When you have iguanas invading your property, there may be some subtle clues that they’re there—even if you haven’t seen one hanging around. Your landscaping may be the first thing you notice. Keeping your yard or garden in prime condition may very well be a point of pride and joy. If iguanas are present, they will munch on your plants, especially anything that bears fruits or vegetables.

The other clue you’ll find with iguanas on a property are holes in the ground that lead to their burrows. Iguanas are adept at creating these underground areas where the females lay their eggs to spawn more of these irritating creatures. You’ll wind up with more iguanas carving out a path of destruction, with these networks of tunnels causing instability for your foundation, sea walls, sidewalks, or pool deck.

Iguana sitting on a tree

Health Risks and Diseases Transmitted by Iguanas

Iguanas are nuisances in other ways, too. It’s best to stay far from them. Male iguanas are prone to aggressive displays of behavior and may try to bite or attack you or your pets. They also carry salmonella in their saliva and droppings.

The droppings can easily make you sick, and the smell is truly unbearable. Your first clue that iguanas are making themselves at home on your property may be a new and unpleasant odor.

If you have seen iguanas on your property, have landscaping that has been destroyed, found holes in the ground, or detected droppings, it’s time to contact Iguana Control for removal services.

Our Iguana Removal Services and Control Techniques

Professional iguana control can help you reclaim your yard from these pests. At Iguana Control, we have the necessary certifications, training, and equipment to safely remove them. It surprises homeowners and business owners alike to learn that even this invasive species is protected by anti-cruelty laws. We use the proper methods to ensure we follow the regulations for removal.

Trapping them and removing them is only part of the solution. We also provide customized prevention strategies to discourage the iguanas from returning. Let us help you with your iguana problem with effective removal and prevention.

Benefits of Professional Iguana Control

When iguanas start taking over your property, it can be difficult to enjoy being outdoors. You’ve worked hard to maintain your garden, yard, and pool area, but when iguanas invite themselves over, they’re horrible guests.

Hiring Iguana Control ensures that you protect your property value and aesthetics. Landscaping isn’t cheap, and having to constantly get it fixed because of iguanas is costly. Additionally, iguanas can easily scale up trees, which may allow them access to your roof. They will scratch and claw to get inside. If that happens, it will require major repairs to fix your home or business.

By choosing professionals for this task, you can have peace of mind that you won’t be chased out of your yard or terrorized in your driveway by these wild animals. You can also stay safe and avoid injuries or diseases when you no longer have the danger of iguanas lurking around. Contact Iguana Control today and ask for a free estimate on our iguana removal services.

Residential and Commercial Iguana Control Solutions with Iona Iguana Control

Effective iguana removal comes in the form of professional iguana control. In Iona, Iguana Control provides customized plans that are tailored to your needs. Our professionals will come out to assess your iguana problem and devise the best way forward.

Once we have used our safe and humane methods to rid you of these creatures, we establish ongoing maintenance and monitoring programs along with preventative measures to ensure the iguanas do not come back. You can rest assured that we will use environmentally-friendly methods of deterring them from your property, allowing you to finally be at ease.

Contact Iguana Control Today to Get Started with Iguana Removal Services

Some people like lizards. Others don’t. Regardless of how you feel about iguanas, they are a massive problem for residential and commercial properties alike. When you have an iguana problem in Iona, you need the right solution for effective iguana removal. You can count on the experts at Iguana Control to be there for you in your time of need. We offer professional iguana control through removal and preventative measures to keep them away.

Our assessments and free estimates can show you how we can put an end to your iguana issues and restore your peace of mind. Find out how our professional iguana control team can help you today by filling out our contact form or giving us a call!

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