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Have you noticed iguanas roaming your San Carlos Park property? Perhaps you’ve seen them sunning themselves in your yard or climbing your trees. You may not mind their presence, but you should know that when there’s one iguana, there’s usually many more lurking under the ground.

These massive lizards are invasive creatures that can cause extensive damage to your landscaping, home, or business. If you want to avoid costly repairs, you need professional iguana control in San Carlos Park. You can count on Iguana Control to safely and effectively remove these reptiles humanely. We are wildlife experts who specialize in these services.

Don’t wait for your iguana problem to spiral out of control. Contact us to get iguana removal in Lee County today!

Why Iguanas Are a Threat to San Carlos Park Homes and Businesses

You may need iguana removal services in San Carlos Park if these lizards have taken over. This invasive species was introduced to South Florida as a result of pet owners growing weary of caring for their iguanas. Rather than giving them to a rescue group, they let these lizards loose.

Since iguanas can multiply rapidly, they are destroying San Carlos Park. Here is a look at how these reptiles are demolishing the area.

Damages Caused by Iguanas

Iguanas can destroy everything in their path. They tear up native plants and ingest small, vulnerable endangered species like the tree snail. As they carve a path of destruction on your property, they burrow under the ground where the females lay eggs in hefty quantities. This means that more iguanas will spawn soon, creating even more burrows.

Out of sight and out of mind is not a good thing when it comes to iguana problems. You will need professional iguana control in San Carlos Park to stop them from compromising your home’s foundation or causing sidewalks, seawalls, and pool decks to collapse.

You may spend a fortune on your landscaping only to have iguanas munch on your plants and ruin your aesthetic. They can scale your trees and wind up on your roof, clawing inside to tear your home apart from top to bottom. This is why Iguana Control advises anyone who sees iguanas on their property to get professional iguana removal services in San Carlos Park quickly.

Close up of an iguana on ground

Potential Health Hazards from Iguana Infestations

Iguanas can also spread salmonella bacteria from their mouths and droppings. The smell of their excretions is enough to ruin your enjoyment of your property, though it can also lead to peeling paint on your vehicles.

In addition to posing health issues, the male iguanas in particular can be extremely aggressive and may try to attack you. It’s essential to stop the damage and protect yourself from health hazards caused by these reptilian intruders.

However, it’s also important to understand that although they are considered invasive pests, they are still guarded by anti-cruelty laws. This means you must have them properly removed from your property. It’s not recommended that you try to do this task yourself, especially if you have no experience handling iguanas.

Iguana Control provides effective iguana removal safely and humanely while also providing ways to deter them from returning. Let us help you restore peace to your private sanctuary. Call us today for an estimate.

Benefits of Choosing Iguana Control in San Carlos Park

It requires professional expertise to help remove the iguanas on your property. At Iguana Control, we have licensed and trained professionals who abide by the strict safety guidelines and state laws for removing iguanas.

We have the specialized equipment and tactics that it takes to humanely remove these pests. Our team is committed to using only environmentally friendly practices to take control of iguanas and remove them from your home or business.

Call us today and we will come to assess your iguana issues. We know how to find their hiding places and get them out. We also know how to make sure they never come back. You need to take action quickly when you spot iguanas on your property as they multiply fast. It’s easier to nip this problem in the bud before it spirals out of control. You can rest assured that our iguana removal services in San Carlos Park can provide the solution.

How to Schedule Iguana Removal Services in San Carlos Park with Iguana Control

No one wants an iguana invasion on their property. If you’ve seen iguanas at home or on your commercial property, get in touch with Iguana Control. You can call us or use our handy contact form on our website.

Once you connect with us, we can set up a consultation. We will come out and assess your property to determine our best approach to removing iguanas. We offer iguana control and prevention services and will customize a plan that will effectively get them off your land.

After this assessment, we’ll provide you with a quote. We can then get started on removing all the iguanas from your property. We will also put our preventative measures in place to ensure these lounge lizards do not come back.

Additionally, we like to educate our clients on the steps they can take to ensure long-term control and prevention. We recommend replacing landscaping that attracts iguanas with plants that they dislike and promptly removing any fruits or vegetables that you grow in your garden. You should have your landscaper keep your trees trimmed back from your roof to keep any new iguanas from getting onto your roof and getting inside your home.

Another step to take in prevention is to regularly walk your property and look for iguana burrows. Our professionals can show you what they look like and how to fill them with rocks to stop them from making themselves at home.

For professional iguana removal in San Carlos Park, contact Iguana Control today for a free estimate!

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