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As a coastal community, The Villas is a natural attraction for iguanas since they thrive in warm, humid climates. Although these reptiles mostly live alone, spotting just one iguana on your property can become an issue. They breed annually, and the juveniles often live in groups.

Their invasive nature can potentially contribute to ecological and infrastructure damage. Having strong burrowing habits, iguanas can easily damage irrigation systems, roads, and foundations. Male iguanas are very territorial and have a highly dominant behavior, easily resulting in scratches and bites, potentially transmitting diseases. 

Because of this, homeowners should contact Iguana removal services right away. Iguana Control is a professional iguana removal service organization dedicated to serving South Florida residents. 

Our Villas team of experienced iguana removal technicians can help you identify the source of your iguana infestation issue and develop various solutions to your needs, depending on the circumstances present. Contact our office for a free estimate and learn more about our professional iguana removal services. Here is what you should know about the importance of iguana control and removal in Villas, FL.

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The Importance of Iguana Control in The Villas

Iguanas are not native to Florida. They were introduced during the 1960s as exotic pets, but due to favorable climate conditions, their species thrived to the point where they became extremely invasive and disruptive.

Without effective control, these lizards can decimate native vegetation and impact biodiversity. They often carry bacteria such as salmonella, which can be deadly to pets, other animals, and humans. 

They have strong burrowing tendencies, which can damage home infrastructure. Even irrigation systems can be affected, but if you plan on selling your home, the presence of iguanas on your property can affect property value.

It’s crucial to keep this species in check, and you can do so by contacting iguana removal services. Homeowners should avoid trying to catch them by themselves as they are dangerous. 

Risks and Damages Associated With Iguana Infestations

Green iguanas have a strong appetite for vegetation and can easily destroy gardens and lawns. They are attracted to food sources such as vegetables and fruits and seek out shaded areas for shelter. 

Water sources are also attractive to them. Since they breed often, you will have higher chances of encountering them as they procreate. Some iguanas can even infiltrate properties. As they are a dominant species, they will attack pets and humans if threatened.

Without effective iguana management in Villas, you, your family, including pets, and your property can suffer damages. An iguana’s bites, scratches, and droppings can all be very harmful. You and your pets can contract salmonella if you touch them or their waste.

A bite can result in a bacterial infection such as Mycobacterium marinum or other health issues. Burrowing, chewing, and defecation can damage landscaping, outside structures, and infrastructure. There are ways to prevent iguanas from infesting your property. Reach out to our Villas iguana control team to learn more. 

Effective Methods for Iguana Removal

If you contact a professional iguana removal service, they will ensure that the iguanas are removed safely from your property without further damage to your property or landscape. 

Depending on what type of iguana infestation you are dealing with, the team might use one or more of the following effective removal methods:

  • They might install professional traps to capture iguanas without harm. 
  • Installing physical barriers to prevent iguanas from entering your property. Fences or nets might prove more effective depending on the present circumstances.
  • The team will relocate iguanas to designated areas and prevent them from invading other properties.
  • You will receive valuable advice to prevent future iguana invasions depending on how the first invasion occurred or if the professionals detect other issues surrounding your property.

Preventive Measures to Protect Properties from Future Iguana Invasions

It isn’t easy to prevent iguanas from entering your property in Villas. With all the abundant vegetation, landscaping, and warm, humid climate, you must take special measures to keep them out. 

Repellents don’t usually work, and it is illegal to relocate them, so you should leave it to the professionals. What you can do is to implement the following measures to keep them out:

  • Limit food sources by keeping food scraps out of their reach and secure trash cans.
  • Do not plant attractive species of plants which can also serve as their food source. They are usually attracted to hibiscuses, roses, nickerbeans, fire bushes, garden greens, melons, orchids, and jasmine.
  • Keep all water sources secured. If you have any leaky pipes, repair them right away, and do not leave standing water outside your property.
  • You can install fences or netting to block access to your property, but if you already have an infestation, it’s best to contact a team of professional iguana removal technicians. 
  • Some plants can be planted to deter them, such as citrus trees, oleanders, pigeon plum, or milkweed.
  • Secure the base of your trees to prevent them from climbing and doing damage. Cylinders of about 18 inches will keep them at bay.

The Expertise and Experience of Iguana Control

At Iguana Control, our team of dedicated and experienced iguana removal technicians has served South Florida residents dealing with iguana infestations for many years. Our experience has taught us valuable lessons in capturing and relocating iguanas.

We identified several issues homeowners weren’t necessarily aware of, contributing to their iguana issues. Our Lee County iguana control team also serves residents in Cape Coral or Fort Myers

We can help you identify the sources of your infestation and apply our products efficiently to remove iguanas from your property. Many of our products are designed to blend well with landscape themes, ensuring that they will not affect your property’s aesthetics and keep iguanas out. 

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Iguana Control in The Villas Area

Iguanas can be dangerous, especially during their mating season. Male iguanas will not be intimidated by your pets or size and will aggressively defend their territories. With the help of our dedicated team, you will not encounter legal issues while dealing with iguanas.

You will regain control of your property and prevent iguanas from damaging your home. If you need a quick service since you wish to relocate, our team can prioritize your call and remove iguanas so that they will not affect property value. Contact our team in the Villas area for a free estimate and learn more about our services.

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