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In Miami-Dade County, it’s hard to go a day without seeing an iguana lounging in the tree branches or running through a yard. These large lizards are intriguing creatures, but you never want to see them on your property.

That’s because they cause considerable damage. Iguanas are never alone, even though you may think you see just one. That is why you will need iguana removal before they cause astronomical destruction to your home and yard.

Iguana in a parking lot

Why You May Need Iguana Removal in Miami Dade

Green iguanas are considered a nuisance wildlife for homes and businesses in the area because the iguana population is out of control. Iguana breeding is a speedy process, with female iguanas capable of laying as many as 70 eggs per year.

These eggs take a short time to hatch – only 90 to 120 days. This is why you’ll want to remove iguanas from your land the moment you spot one of them. Iguana Control knows how to get rid of these pests safely. We do not kill iguanas, but we do ensure that they stay out of your home and yard with our services.

Sometimes, trapping is required, though it is rare as most of the tactics we use will successfully deter green iguanas.

Problems Caused by Iguanas

Green iguanas are nuisance animals for the problems they cause. Here’s why you should call Iguana Control for your iguana problems.

Iguana Feces

The health risk of iguana feces is high because it contains salmonella bacteria. Iguana droppings also smell terrible, producing an odor that is so strong it can deter you from enjoying your yard, pool area, or garden.

Iguana Burrows

Rapid growth has led to another iguana problem. Green iguanas can cause canal banks and other infrastructures to collapse thanks to their burrows. You’ll surely notice an iguana lazing around in your tree, but there will be many more of them hidden underground in those burrows, causing damage you won’t notice until it’s too late.

Property Damage by Iguanas

Iguanas leave droppings that smell terrible, but that’s not all. If they get on your car, you could face a pricey repair. Iguana feces can peel the paint off your car. Additionally, iguanas love to munch on flowering plants and wreak havoc on your garden. They may be herbivores, but they will gobble up endangered species of snails and butterflies.

In short, if you see iguanas on your land, the best thing you can do is call Iguana Control in Miami-Dade.

Iguana Removal Tactics

Whether you own a home or a business, you have likely spent a fair amount of money on your landscaping. When green iguanas invade your property, they can destroy it all. That means spending more to replace your flowers and plants.

Since iguanas burrow too; they often cause so much damage that homeowners are completely unaware until it’s too late. They have no natural predators either, except the rare encounters with hawks and owls. That’s not enough to keep this nuisance wildlife in check, which is why you’ll need removal services to get these creatures off your land.

Create Barriers and Seal Burrows

As these reptiles are excellent climbers, a fence won’t deter them from your home. You can keep them out with metal plating underneath your fencing perimeter and fill the burrows. One of the approved methods to get rid of them is by stuffing the burrows with stones.

Keep a Clean Garden

If you have a garden, removing other temptations for these lizards can help get rid of them too. Compost and fertilizer from food scraps is like a buffet for these creatures. You’ll want to keep your garden free of these items.

Save Your Roof

With sharp claws, iguanas can scale up any tree, so trees surrounding your home make it easy for them to get on your roof. Be sure to have the trees trimmed back regularly to limit their access.

Once they get up on your roof, they can claw their way in, causing damage and leaks. They can also get inside your home, a most unwelcome surprise for any homeowner.

Use Reflections

Reflective surfaces are another way to prevent iguanas from sticking around. This species of reptile becomes frightened when they see their reflections. With approved methods for removal like this, you can avoid iguana trapping, which is used as a last resort to remove them from your home.

Seal Entry Points

Keeping your home in good condition is important with a species of iguanas roaming around. They can claw into cracks in doors and windows to get inside.

Freeze Them Out

Iguanas may not be a native species to South Florida but they love it here for the hot and humid temperatures. If you keep your home properly cooled, they will be less likely to find your interior hospitable because they don’t like the cold.

Iguana sitting on a tree

How to Get Iguana Removal Services in Miami Dade County

Any property in South Florida can be prone to iguana invasions. Our expert team at Iguana Control can safely remove these meddling critters and restore your peace of mind. Call us today for a free estimate!

Monitor Your Property for Iguanas

We’ll first inspect your home and gardens. We know what to look for when searching for iguana infestations and will craft a custom plan to keep them off your property for good.

Iguana Trapping Services

While we focus all our efforts on preventing iguanas from calling your home theirs, we will use trapping when necessary. Captured iguanas will be removed from your land, and we will use safe measures to keep them from coming back.

Protect Your Perimeter

With larger properties, topography protection may be required. Iguana Control will survey your land and use our monitoring methods and products to thwart iguana invasions.

Iguana Control is Your Iguana Solution

As Florida’s largest company for iguana control, we have the expertise to remove these pesky animals safely and effectively. Call us today for a free estimate and restore peace and calm to your Florida home!

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