Iguana Removal in Aventura, FL

Photo of a Green Iguana Are there green iguanas roaming all over your property in Aventura, FL? This invasive species can inflict major destruction to your home and landscaping, potentially costing you thousands of dollars.

The green iguana population in Aventura, FL is out of control. These nuisance iguanas eat the flowering plants from your garden, dig damaging burrows underneath the ground, and leave behind foul-smelling droppings.

This is precisely why you will need to contact Iguana Control. Green iguanas are different from other types of animals and pests. In fact, ordinary pest control services don’t know how to perform iguana removal like we do. Contact Iguana Control today for a free estimate on efficient iguana trapping and iguana repellent services in Aventura, FL.

What Every Resident Needs to Know About Green Iguanas in Aventura

Green iguanas are not only a nuisance to yards and gardens in Aventura, FL, but also a health hazard. This invasive species can quickly ruin your quality of life by causing damage, leading to expensive repairs in and around your home.

During iguana breeding season, invasive iguanas have the potential to overrun your entire property, from your pool area and garden to the interior of your home. Male iguanas attract female iguanas by turning from bright green to orange. The females will lay up to 70 eggs each year, and those eggs will hatch in 90 to 120 days.

Iguana removal services are essential because using repellents alone may not be enough to deter them from their path of destruction. Professional iguana removal by Iguana Control ensures you will get them off your land for good and keep them from returning.

Why Get Help with Iguana Removal?

Iguana Control can come to your rescue by using expert iguana trapping and iguana removal in Aventura, FL. You should call for a free estimate because the lizards don’t just run around your yard; they dig burrows below, so if you see one iguana, chances are there are many more of them.

The number of green iguanas that we find during our surveys is far more than you would expect. When they start burrowing, they create various entry and exit points. It can get out of control quickly, leading to them destroying the infrastructure of your yard, foundation, seawalls, dock, and more.

Iguanas can also climb up your vegetation and get onto your roof. If they can claw their way inside, they will make themselves right at home in your attic. Iguana Control can help you get your iguana problem under control before they destroy your home and gardens. They will make a mess of your plants and flowers and destroy endangered species of butterflies and snails.

Iguana removal is essential when you find iguana droppings on your property. Iguana feces smells horrible, and it’s dangerous for humans and other animals, including your pets. The droppings contain salmonella bacteria which can make your whole family sick. Plus, you’ll never want to spend time in your beautiful backyard if iguanas have left their droppings everywhere.

These reasons are exactly why Iguana Control in Aventura, FL is here to assist you with removing these pesky creatures. Contact us today to find out more about our iguana removal services.

What Professional Iguana Removal Services Can Do For You

When your yard becomes overrun with nuisance iguanas, you must get the right pest control company to get rid of them. The common green iguana is not above digging through your garbage cans to find food or destroying your home and gardens.

With Iguana Control, you’ll have pest control services that specialize in removing this species. We don’t just perform iguana removal. We prevent them from coming back through an array of proven methods such as securing your entire yard and filling up burrows with stones to deter them. We also use reflective surfaces to scare them away.

To prevent your home from being attractive to iguanas, you will want to keep your trees trimmed back from the perimeter of your home to keep them off your roof. If you see a green iguana, check your doors and windows to see if there are any telltale claw marks of an iguana trying to get inside.

Photo of Iguana's Face Closeup Green iguanas might not be native to Aventura, FL, but they love the temperature because it’s so hot and humid. Make sure the interior of your home is well-cooled, which will ensure they don’t want to make themselves at home.

Iguana Removal Aventura

In Aventura, FL, iguana removal is one of the most popular pest control services offered by Iguana Control. There are so many nuisance iguanas out there, but our expert Iguana Control team provides safe removal techniques.

We try to avoid iguana trapping, but some iguanas are more stubborn than others. Let us help you remove the iguanas on your land and reclaim your slice of Aventura. We offer free estimates, so call and get yours today.

How do we get rid of iguanas? Our iguana removal services begin with an inspection. We use an iguana monitoring service to look for the signs of an infestation. Then, we craft a custom plan for iguana removal to get them away and keep them away.

Larger homes and gardens will need topography protection to keep the infrastructure from collapsing due to burrowing iguanas. Stop letting iguanas destroy your slice of paradise in Aventura, FL. Call Iguana Control, Florida’s largest iguana removal company to get a free estimate today. We specialize in getting rid of nuisance iguanas for all of Florida and will help you restore and maintain a peaceful setting.

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