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iguana If you didn’t choose to own an iguana as a pet, you’re probably not happy to see them on your property. They can disrupt your garden, roof, and other areas of your property, leaving destruction in their wake.

Iguana Control Coral Gables can help you safely get them out of your hair.

Why You Need Iguana Removal in Coral Gables

People are all for iguana trapping in Coral Gables because of how quickly they breed. Female iguanas can lay as many as 70 eggs each year, and since they take 90 to 120 days to grow, the potential for them becoming pests is extraordinary.

In addition, iguanas leave a stink behind with their droppings. This can affect your enjoyment of your pool, patio, porch, or yard.

They don’t just leave feces either. Since iguanas commonly burrow, they have the potential to disturb your infrastructure. These erode your deck, pool platform, sidewalks, and more.

If iguanas sit on your car, those droppings can make the paint peel off, requiring major repairs. As herbivores, they take down gardens with flowering plants. However, they also feast on snails and butterflies, which harm endangered species.

While all these reasons are good enough for iguana removal in Coral Gables, you should also know that their feces carries diseases. If you have pets, you will want to keep iguanas from coming into  your yard to prevent your dog or cat from getting salmonella.

What You Can Do for Iguana Control in Coral Gables

Iguanas prefer gardens where they can find a place to burrow or eat something. Your landscaping may be attracting them, so deterring the iguanas is the best way to go.

For starters, you can build barriers around your fencing. Remember, iguanas burrow and that fence won’t keep them out of your yard. Metal plates buried just beneath your fencing will stop them from burrowing.

If you do find burrows, you should fill them up. Simply using stones is a natural and safe way to let the iguanas know they’re not welcome in your yard.

You’ll also want to keep your garden clean. Don’t ever leave out any scraps of food because the iguanas will happily gobble it up and keep coming back for more.

Keep Iguanas Off Your Roof

If you thought your garden or yard was the only place the iguanas were going, think again. These feisty reptiles get on roofs too, and many times, will get into your home.

Believe it or not, these adventurous creatures become frightened of their own reflections. Methods like these and many others are employed to safely keep these large lizards off your property. As a last resort, iguana trapping in Coral Gables can make sure you finally have peace in and around your home.

You’ll want to do all you can to prevent iguanas from having a chance to get inside your home. No one wants an intruder in their Coral Gables, Florida home, especially not the reptilian kind!

Do your part by sealing any cracks in windows or doors. You should also keep your home clean and cool. Iguanas love warm temperatures, which is why Iguana Control in Coral Gables is always so busy…there are so many of them enjoying the South Florida weather!

What to Do If You Still See Iguanas on Your Property?

Whether on residential or commercial property, iguanas can be a pain. If you’ve tried all these preventative measures and they still keep coming back, let Iguana Control help you keep them away for good.

Contact us today for a free estimate and learn how we can help you reclaim your yard from an iguana invasion!

Iguana Monitoring Services

If you need iguana removal in Coral Gables, let Iguana Control monitor your property for holes that the iguanas use for hatchlings. These are commonly dug by sea walls, something you’ll want to stop right away because it can cause these walls to fall apart, creating costly damages.

We look to the trees to help keep the iguanas from finding an easy route onto your roof and into your home. With their claws, they will dig until they find a way. As a Coral Gables resident, you likely know how important it is to maintain the integrity of your roof, especially during hurricane season. We’ll help keep things in order with our safe and effective methods.

Iguana Trapping Coral Gables

At Iguana Control, we focus most of our efforts on preventative measures to keep iguanas out of your way. But we will trap persistently stubborn iguanas in those extremely rare instances. Our preventative measures are so effective, we rarely have to resort to trapping.

Iguana Property Protection

For homes or businesses on large plots of land, Iguana Control in Coral Gables can provide topography protection. Our experts survey your area, then protect it with our monitoring methods and products. You may have only seen one or two iguanas on your property, but there are likely many more building nests. They are easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for. We help by treating the land and removing the holes they create.

Be Iguana-Free with Iguana Control

As Florida’s largest iguana control company, Iguana Control can confidently reduce the iguana population on your property. Each of our installers are specially trained in this field and know exactly what to look for to see if iguanas are becoming a nuisance on your property. The items we use blend seamlessly with most landscape themes to be pleasing to the eye and unobtrusive.

Get those iguanas off your property the smart, effective, and safe way with Iguana Control in Coral Gables. Contact us today for a free estimate and regain control of your property.

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