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Iguana Living in Doral, FL means that you have access to all the things that make South Florida exciting and can enjoy a warm climate year-round. But if iguanas are causing trouble in paradise, then you need professional iguana control removal services. Iguanas love the warm climate, and because the population in Doral, FL is growing, that means there are more yards with lush foliage for iguanas to feast on. Many homeowners choose to live in Doral, FL because of its proximity to major companies and the beach, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live with overgrown lizards tearing up your backyard, sidewalk, or porch. 

If you have tried homemade iguana control measures, you may be frustrated by their lack of effectiveness. Don’t be surprised if your home iguana control measures prove ineffective. Unfortunately, most information that you can find online, though well-meaning, is inaccurate and won’t deter these green lizards from eating your plants or destroying your property. When you need trusted iguana removal services, then call the largest iguana control company in Florida.

What Kind of Damage Do Iguanas Cause?

Iguanas are very skittish creatures that are unlikely to attack. They are herbivores and not predators. That is one reason why some people even keep these large lizards as pets or let their kids have one as a pet. You won’t have to worry about one trying to bite you. However, they can bite, and they have very sharp teeth. They are also carriers of salmonella, so if you, your children, or your pets come in contact with an iguana or its feces on your porch, pool deck, or yard furniture, any of you could potentially contract the disease and become very ill. It is also easy to come in contact with iguana feces at public parks, where they defecate on picnic tables and sidewalks that the public use.

The danger to infrastructure comes from two fronts: the fact that iguanas dig burrows to lay their eggs, which destabilizes the soil, and that they can lay 20 to 30 eggs. They proliferate easily and don’t have many natural predators in Doral. When there are more of them to dig more holes, it results in eroded foundations, sidewalks, and seawalls. In fact, just up north in Palm Beach County, it was reported that iguanas caused $1.8 million of damage when their burrowing undermined a dam that controlled water flow into West Palm Beach’s city reservoirs. Homeowners and commercial property owners in Doral have also suffered expensive property damage from iguanas laying their eggs and digging long, deep interconnected tunnels.

Why is Iguana removal important?

Iguana removal in Doral means that you ethically rid your yard of these pesky green lizards and prevent them from breeding and returning in droves. Iguana control and iguana removal services are two different things with different purposes. We use topographical solutions that prevent iguanas from coming onto your property and breeding for iguana control and prevention. If you already have iguanas on your property, though, then you will need iguana removal services. It’s important to know that under Florida law, it is illegal to relocate, sell or transfer iguanas. As a trusted company in Doral, FL offering solutions with fully insured, licensed, and bonded technicians, you can trust Iguana Control to keep them out of your yard.

Iguana Trapping

We are very successful in catching iguanas in metallic cages that they can’t chew through or slip through. We place these cages in strategic areas on your Doral, FL property where iguanas are most likely found. Bait is used to attract them. Iguanas love flowers such as jasmine, orchids, roses, and hibiscuses, but they also love squashes and melons. Any of these are suitable bait for your trap.

We also offer a repeating reptile cage, which is very popular among our clients in Doral, FL. They allow up to 20-25 iguanas to be captured in one cage. Once the iguanas have become trapped in the cage, we arrive to remove them. Another method we employ is trapping with a catchpole. This technique should only be done by a skilled and experienced professional and does not harm the iguana. You can trust Iguana Control to safely and ethically capture and remove the green lizards. 

We offer a number of products to keep them away once we remove them. Tree wraps, dock piling wraps, anti-hole barriers, and foliage trimming services deter the creatures so that they can’t enter your Doral, FL property.

How do I get rid of iguanas from my property?

You will find many myths online about iguanas and iguana deterrents in Doral, Florida. The most reliable way to get rid of iguanas from your property is to hire professional removal services that abide by Florida state law and provide you with ethical solutions. Otherwise, you may waste time, money, and effort on solutions that don’t work. Meanwhile, the iguanas on your property could be digging more holes and laying more eggs.

At Iguana Control, we use a number of proven methods to remove iguanas from your property, such as using live cage traps, catch poles, and then protecting your property with iguana repellent, monitoring services, tree wrapping, and iguana nest removal. As Florida’s largest iguana control company, you can trust us to get the job done so that you can take back control of your property. Call us today at 855-525-5656 to schedule your free estimate.

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