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Homestead, Florida is a place that is overrun with iguanas. They run across yards and hang out on tree branches. Whether you like iguanas or not, these massive lizards can cause damage to your property, inside and out. That’s why you need Iguana Control Homestead.

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Why Do You Need Iguana Removal in Homestead?

Iguana trapping in Homestead must take place. Without this tactic, these huge lizards can take over and destroy your quality of life. Iguanas breed quickly since the females are capable of laying up to 70 eggs every year.

On top of that, those eggs only take 90 to 120 days before they hatch, allowing baby iguanas to continue their reign of terror. This is how iguanas can take over your property.

What can they do once they call your home their home? Here’s why you will want to call Iguana Control Homestead.

Iguana Droppings Stink

Feces from any creature is never a welcome scent. However, you may want to call for iguana removal in Homestead immediately when you see iguana droppings. The odor is so strong it can keep you from enjoying any part of your yard, garden, or pool area.

Iguanas Create Burrows

Maybe you like seeing that iguana running through your yard and up a tree. They’re interesting reptiles, though if you see one, it’s likely not alone. While they do enjoy climbing in the trees, they also love creating burrows underground that you can’t see.

The problem with these burrows is that they can disturb your infrastructure, leading to the demise of your pathways, pool platforms, sidewalks, decks, and seawalls.

The Troubles Iguanas Cause

If you don’t like birds leaving droppings on your car, you must act quickly when iguanas leave them. These droppings can peel the paint right off your car. Talk about an expensive fix!

In your garden, iguanas will ruin any flowering plants you have blooming. While they are herbivores, they also eat endangered snails and butterflies. This is exactly why iguanas are an invasive species in Homestead.

If you see iguanas on your property or find droppings on your car, call Iguana Control Homestead.

How to Get Iguana Control in Homestead

As a property owner, you probably have paid your fair share for landscaping to make your home or business look inviting. Iguanas can completely ruin that aesthetic and cause you to waste money by having to continually replace your plants and flowers.

With their burrows, they will destroy your yard too. They’re not awesome houseguests, which is why you need to get them off your property. Many safe and effective measures can give them the eviction notice they deserve and let you get back to enjoying your property.

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Construct Barriers and Seal Off Burrows

Fences don’t keep iguanas away simply because they can climb them. That’s not the problem anyway. It starts under the ground where they burrow. Placing metal plates underneath the perimeter of your fencing can safely deter these lizard invaders.

The burrows themselves must be found and filled. Take a look for them and stuff them full of stones. They won’t be able to burrow there anymore.

Don’t Leave Food Scraps in Your Garden

Many people love using food scraps to make compost or as a way to fertilize their home gardens. If you’ve noticed iguanas are more prevalent on your Homestead property, look at your garden. Leaving bits of food around invites them to get comfortable and stay for the endless buffet.

Keep Iguanas Off Your Roof

Equipped with sharp claws, iguanas are expert climbers, capable of scaling up into the trees in seconds flat. If you have trees that are close to the perimeter of your home, the iguanas can climb up your trees and get onto your roof. Make sure you have these trees trimmed regularly to avoid giving them an easily accessible route.

Once on your roof, iguanas are master invaders. They will claw their way in from there, damaging your roof and leaving it prone to leaks. As if a leaky roof isn’t trouble enough, you may even encounter your iguana invader in the dead of night.

Create Reflections

Ask most people, they will say they find iguanas to be ugly creatures. Iguanas seem to be terrified of their reflections. Iguana Control Homestead uses methods like these to scare the iguanas away safely. Iguana trapping in Homestead is only used as a last resort to evict your troublesome iguanas.

Seal Your Home

As a homeowner, you must stay on top of repairs to keep your home in good condition. If you have any cracks in your doors or windows, you need to seal them promptly. Iguanas can use their claws to rip their way in, leading to more damage for you.

The Colder Your Home, The Better

Iguanas love living in Homestead because it’s so hot and humid. At Iguana Control Homestead, we get calls daily to remove iguanas from the inside of homes. They will not find your home’s interior desirable if you have your air conditioning set to keep things cool.

What to Do About Iguana Removal in Homestead?

Both residential and commercial properties can have iguana problems. With our expert team at Iguana Control Homestead, your iguana troubles can become a thing of the past. Our special techniques deter these pesky critters and let you enjoy your peace.

Call us today to get a free estimate and learn more about what we do for iguana removal in Homestead!

Monitoring Your Home for Iguanas

When you call Iguana Control for iguana removal in Homestead, we first inspect your home and yard. We know exactly what to look for when it comes to iguana infestations. We then develop a plan to keep them out of your yard for good.

Iguana Trapping Homestead

Iguana Control focuses our efforts on preventing problems with iguanas. Our goal is to make your home an undesirable place for them to take up residence and breed. We trap them when it’s necessary. Although rare, we can capture them when they don’t take the hint from our preventative practices.

Keeping Your Property Safe

Larger properties will likely need topography protection. With Iguana Control in Homestead, we survey your land, then protect it with our own monitoring products and methods. It’s the safest way to close up burrows and keep the iguanas from returning.

Iguana Control in Homestead is Your Iguana Solution

We are Florida’s largest iguana control company and have the expertise to remove iguanas safely and effectively from your land. Call us today and get a free estimate to restore your property and keep iguanas away!

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