Iguana Removal in Miami

iguana Green iguanas have become as abundant in South Florida as palm trees, sand, or sunlight and are causing a great deal of damage along the entire Florida coastline. In the absence of natural predators — mostly hawks and owls — these animals have been able to multiply in record numbers. Now living in great colonies throughout Miami, iguanas seem to be set on destroying the habitat of other native species, such as butterflies and birds, leaving them without their preferred food.

Iguanas in Miami today can easily be spotted in homes, schools, community centers, golf courses, parks, and ponds. Although not particularly interested in humans, iguanas do tend to scare people in private residences, shopping malls, and other places. They can creep out of pipes and even toilets, causing damage to sewage systems in plenty of communities. At Iguana Control, we are ready to tackle your iguana problem thoroughly and professionally. Give us a call today for a free consultation on your iguana control in Miami.

Iguana Control and Removal Services in Miami, FL

Not only is the iguana population in Miami relatively high, but they are also reproducing fairly rapidly. The authorities have neither the staff nor the resources to deal with the number of people asking for help to get rid of these bothersome reptiles. At Iguana Control, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer you the Miami iguana removal services your property requires. Set up an appointment with us for a free evaluation and no-obligation quote.


Why do I have so many iguanas on my property?

If you have found iguanas in your yard, patio, or swimming pool, it may be because they have been able to find a food source there, as well as a place to hide among garbage, boxes, or other accumulated materials. Because they can survive off and hide amongst vegetation, it may be a good idea to eliminate superfluous plants. These animals can also hide in hollow trees, so you have to take additional steps to prevent this, such as filling holes or covering the bases of trees with mesh. You don’t need to become an expert on iguanas and their habitats. Our iguana pest control team members can walk through your property with you and point out problem areas, as well as give suggestions as to how to get rid of this pesky problem. Don’t delay and call us today.

What problems do iguanas cause?

Although they are not aggressive towards people by nature, Iguanas can occasionally resort to biting when they feel threatened. They can also cause diarrheal diseases, especially when they leave their excrement in swimming pools. Their feces contain the salmonella bacteria that causes diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, and headaches. Additionally, this colorful reptile is known to damage entire fields by eating crops and gardens. They have also been responsible for causing the delay of commercial flights at the airport, damaging runways, and even causing power outages. They can also harm the city’s tourism since it is not appealing to share a swimming pool with iguanas or their droppings.

What other type of damage are iguanas in Miami responsible for?

Iguanas in Miami like to eat the vegetation in your landscaping. They feed on trees with flowers or big foliage. They also like most fruits and vegetables. They may damage the infrastructure of your home or building by digging nests and escaping when they feel threatened. These burrows may result in collapsed sidewalks, seawalls, or canal banks. They can easily climb even the tallest trees and cross over to your roof through branches that work as bridges. Once on your roof, they can also burrow there and cause damage to the roof and the structure of your property.

How do you get rid of the iguanas?

Most of the work we do is preventive because we understand that carrying out certain activities can work in discouraging iguanas from selecting to share your home with you and going someplace else. We start by identifying problem areas such as holes they may have done and covering them. Then, we add a protective cover to those areas so that the iguanas may not dig there again to lay their eggs.

We also offer a consultation regarding how to maintain your trees to prevent iguanas from climbing on them and, if needed, we can wrap them to prevent iguanas from climbing them. We have a complete line of iguana protection products and deterrents that can be applied according to the needs of your property. Finally, we can trap the iguanas that are still there. Whenever you need iguana pest control in Miami, call Iguana Control and get the problem solved once and for all. Call us today!

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