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Wild iguanas are terrible for the Floridian environment. They may appear peaceful, but there is a health risk to having them in your yard. Iguanas are an issue because they are not a native species to Miami. The iguana problem can cause damage to fruit trees, flowers, and other vegetation. These lizards can bite you and are fast, making them hard to capture. Captured iguanas are also a nuisance because you have to dispose of them humanely.

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To get rid of iguanas, they must be brought to specifically zoned areas. Iguanas are an endangered species, which means they are protected. Iguana traps solve some of the problems, but to get rid of iguanas you must use a humane method. You can work with iguana removal services that know how to deal with iguanas.

At Iguana Control, we are experts at trapping iguanas and can prevent reptiles from returning. Green iguanas are a nuisance in Miami, Florida, but you can work with professional iguana removal services to resolve the issue on your property.

Why Are Iguana Removal Services Important?

It is best to work with a trapping service instead of trying to remove iguanas on your own for several reasons:


Iguanas can be dangerous, especially when they feel threatened or cornered. Attempting to trap or remove iguanas on your own can put you at risk of injury.

Legal Trouble

Iguanas are protected by state and federal laws, which means that there are specific guidelines and regulations in place for their removal. Working with a licensed and experienced iguana trapping service ensures that you are complying with these regulations.


Professional iguana trapping services have the expertise and experience to properly identify and address iguana infestations. They can determine the best methods for trapping and removing iguanas, as well as preventing future infestations.

Humane Removal Services

Licensed iguana trapping services are required to use humane and non-lethal methods to trap and remove iguanas. They have access to equipment and techniques that can effectively remove iguanas without causing harm.

Long-Term Solutions and Removal Services

Iguana trapping services can provide long-term solutions to prevent future infestations, such as habitat modification, iguana removal services, and exclusion techniques.

Iguana Removal Services We Offer

Iguana trapping involves a range of techniques, including monitoring, trapping, topography protection, and installation. Professional iguana trapping services use these techniques to safely and humanely remove iguanas from the property, prevent future infestations, and protect the property from damage.


Monitoring is a crucial part of iguana trapping, as it helps to identify the location and extent of an infestation. Professional iguana trapping services use a variety of monitoring techniques, including visual inspections, tracking, and camera traps, to determine the scope of the infestation and develop an appropriate trapping strategy.


Iguana trapping involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to capture and remove the reptiles from the property. Professional iguana trapping services use humane and non-lethal trapping methods, such as live trapping and relocation, to remove iguanas from the property without causing harm.

Topography Protection

Topography protection is the process of modifying the physical features of a property to make it less attractive to iguanas. This can include installing barriers or fences, removing potential nesting sites, and altering the landscape to make it less hospitable to iguanas. Topography protection is a key component of long-term iguana control and prevention.


Installation involves the placement of iguana exclusion devices and other equipment to prevent future infestations. This can include the installation of exclusion barriers, nesting deterrents, and other iguana control devices. Professional iguana trapping services have the expertise and experience to install these devices properly, ensuring that they are effective at preventing future infestations.

Types of Issues Iguanas Can Cause

The North Miami area has experienced a significant iguana invasion for decades, with these non-native reptiles causing property damage, plant destruction, and potential health hazards. Here is a summary of the current status of the iguana invasion in North Miami:

Population Growth

The iguana population in North Miami has continued to grow, with estimates suggesting that there are now thousands of these reptiles in the area. This population growth has been fueled by a variety of factors, including the mild climate, numerous insects, abundant food sources, and lack of natural predators.

Property Damage

Iguanas have caused significant property damage in North Miami by chewing on wires, woodwork, and other structures. In addition, their burrows can undermine the structural integrity of buildings and other infrastructure. These damages can be costly to repair and can pose safety risks to residents.

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Plant Destruction

Iguanas are known to feed on a wide range of plants, and their appetite for vegetation has resulted in the destruction of gardens, landscaping, and crops in North Miami. This has had a significant impact on the horticultural industry in the area, as well as on the aesthetic appeal of many residential and commercial properties.

Health Hazards

Iguana droppings can potentially spread diseases and parasites to humans and pets, posing health hazards to the North Miami community. In addition, iguanas can be aggressive when they feel threatened or cornered, potentially causing injury to humans and other animals.

Humane Iguana Trapping and Removal Services

These reptiles are causing property damage, plant destruction, and potential health hazards. While control efforts are underway, the population of these invasive species continues to grow, underscoring the need for continued monitoring, education, and prevention efforts. 

You can work with a reliable team of iguana trapping experts who know how to humanely deal with the problem. Call Iguana Control today for an iguana removal services consultation to resolve your reptile issue.

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