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Photo of an Iguana sitting on a tree The green iguana is not a native species to Florida. That’s why you need to call Iguana Control when green iguanas take over your property. This invasive species is known for causing expensive damage to homes, yards, gardens, and docks.

In Pinecrest, FL, iguana populations have soared out of control. Nuisance iguanas will eat the flowers from your gardens. They will dig burrows underneath the ground that can cause your foundation, pool deck, and seawall to collapse. That’s not all they can damage either, which means if you see an iguana, you need to contact iguana removal services quickly before it gets worse.

Iguana Control offers iguana removal, iguana trapping, and iguana repellent services in Florida. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

What You Need To Know About Iguanas

You may just think iguanas are lizards that are just trying to live their best lives in South Florida. However, green iguanas are a major nuisance. They pose a hazard to your health too.

When iguanas breed, they can unleash more unwanted residents onto your land, quickly ravaging your pool, garden, and home infrastructure. Since female iguanas can lay up to 70 eggs per year, with hatching occurring between 90 and 120 days later, the potential for destruction is enormous.

This is why Iguana Control offers iguana removal and iguana trapping services. While we always try to deter and prevent iguanas from making themselves at home, iguana trapping helps us get some of the more stubborn lizards off your property.

Why You May Need Iguana Removal Services

With Iguana Control, you will get expert iguana removal and iguana trapping services. Green iguanas are a fascinating species, but if you’ve seen one in your yard, it’s time to have us look underground for their burrows.

That is where they breed, creating a massive network of tunnels hidden below the surface. If those tunnels are near your foundation, dock, pool deck, or other structure, they can cause a collapse and leave you with expensive repairs.

Pinecrest, FL homeowners are always shocked at how many iguanas are under the ground. They’re also astounded by how those lizards can effortlessly use trees and other vegetation to climb onto roofs. From there, they can claw their way inside, leading to a terrifying encounter.

In addition to destroying your land, gardens, and roof, they will make their presence known with fecal matter. Iguana droppings are some of the most foul-smelling around. They also contain salmonella bacteria which can make you and your pets ill.

For these reasons and many more, you will want to have iguana removal performed as soon as possible. Contact Iguana Control to get a free estimate on iguana removal services.

What Happens with Professional Green Iguana Removal?

If you see a green iguana near your home in Pinecrest, FL, don’t count on it being all alone. It won’t be, and its friends and relatives will leave a massive path of destruction for you to clean up.

Iguana Control specializes in iguana removal services. We not only get rid of iguanas, but we also use prevention methods to keep them from returning. Let us secure your yard and fill their underground burrows with rocks to remove them from your property.

Photo of an Iguana
The longer you ignore iguanas near your home, the more time they have to cause damage. When they’re causing damage, you’ll be in for major expenses, especially if they burrow near your foundation. If they won’t leave, we capture them as part of our iguana trapping services; a last resort should our other methods for iguana removal not sufficiently deter them.

You can do your part to prevent those lizards from finding your home an attractive iguana hangout. Have your trees trimmed to keep iguanas from having easy access to your roof. You should also inspect entry points such as doors and windows. Look for claw marks left by iguanas to see if they’re trying to break in.

As an extra measure of protection, Iguana Control also advises that you keep your home cool. Iguanas like the hot temperatures in Pinecrest, FL. Even though they are not native to South Florida, they thrive in this climate, but by keeping your interior well-chilled, they will not find it hospitable.

Iguana Removal in Pinecrest, FL

In Pinecrest, Florida, iguana removal is the most common animal control service offered by Iguana Control. A nuisance iguana is never alone, which means you need a team devoted to expert iguana removal to get every last lizard off your land.

We will do our best to avoid iguana trapping when we can and instead focus on methods of iguana removal. Some of these creatures are far more stubborn and will require more extreme measures to get rid of them.

At Iguana Control, we will secure your property and prevent it from being taken over by the big green lizards. Contact us today for iguana removal in Florida. We will start with an inspection, using our iguana monitoring service to see how many of them are on your land. After that, we can make a custom plan of action for iguana removal.

If your home and gardens are larger, we recommend topography protection to keep you and your family safe from infrastructure collapse. Don’t let an iguana and its offspring take over your home. Call Iguana Control to get Florida’s largest iguana removal company on the case. We are fully committed to restoring the peace, calm, and quiet you deserve to enjoy when you’re at home.

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