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Living in Surfside is lovely because this town is full of lovely neighborhoods lined with trees and other lush vegetation. Green lawns and green neighborhoods attract not only residents and businesses, but nuisance pests.

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In the last several decades, there has been a boom in the population of green iguanas in South FL. They carry the Salmonella bacteria in their intestinal tract, which they can spread on sidewalks, porches, and patio furniture. They bite, tear up gardens, and leave behind their droppings on pool decks. They build burrows that can harm the integrity of your seawall or home’s foundation.

Iguana control experts specialize in nuisance wildlife and pest control services for homeowners and business owners in Surfside, FL. We remove invasive lizards inside and outside your home by locating the source of the infestation. Call us today at (855) 525-5656 to talk to one of our experts about:

Professional Iguana Removal

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission encourages FL homeowners who are unwilling or incapable of safely removing reptiles from their property to hire professional wildlife specialists who provide trapping and removal services in accordance with FL anti-cruelty laws. Wildlife removal specialists successfully lure and trap iguanas, and then we take the trap away.

Once we get control of the invasive species on your land, we then implement prevention methods to keep them from coming back.

Humane Iguana Trapping and Removal

We provide quality pest control and animal removal services in FL by capturing and getting rid of invasive lizards. These large lizards are more than a nuisance. They carry diseases that can harm your pets and family members. Our removal and control services use proven methods to trap them that are in compliance with FL law. Our experts are highly trained in the most humane methods to remove invasive species from your FL yard or land.

In addition to removal, we offer control services. Once the iguanas are gone, you want to keep them gone. One of the services we offer is tree wrapping, which makes it harder for them to run up into your trees. We set up traps, remove nests, and vigilantly monitor your Surfside home or business.

An effective form of control services is topography protection and modification. Part of why green lizards are so rampant in FL is because of the abundance of food sources. Our services include visits to your FL home or business to see what types of plants and vegetation are attracting the animals.

Iguana Removal Process

There are two popular removal services that we offer in FL.

Live Cage Trapping

If you have a lot of these lizards, then we can capture many of them over time using cages.

In order to get rid of the nuisance wildlife on your land, a representative from Iguana Control goes to your property to determine where the invasive species has dug nests, or where their food source is. We look for signs of iguana nests, tunnels, or vegetation that has been chewed up to determine where to best set the cages to capture as many as possible.

Then we set up cages with bait, like fruits or flowers, that can hold anywhere from 20 to 25 large lizards. These are called repeating reptile cages, because they are good at trapping many of the large lizards. This is an effective way to get rid of many of the animals at a time.

Iguana on a wooden deck

Trapping With a Catch Pole

Because they have long claws and love to bite, this is not something that should be done by just anyone. Wildlife removal with a catch pole should be performed by a skilled specialist who has worked in removal services for many years. Catching an animal with a pole takes precision and experience.

One of our iguana removal and control specialists will use a long pole with a loop at the end to catch as many as possible on your FL land. The pole is made of a durable, extendable metal rod that is difficult to bend or break, making the removal safer by keeping the catcher a good distance away. The loop at the end is thick enough that the tiny animal cannot break free.

This method only captures one animal at a time. We then place them in a bag or cage, then dispose of them as part of your service.

Iguana Removal Services Surfside

When you have a need for control services in FL, call (855) 525-5656 to get rid of an invasive species on your land. These large green lizards do a lot of damage in FL each year and have been to blame for power outages, sidewalk damage, damage to the foundation of other structures, and salmonella outbreaks. Iguana Control offers removal and control services in FL and advises you on how to keep your land free of these invasive pests.


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