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iguana Iguana monitoring services are important to determine the extent of the distribution of iguanas on your property and to understand the concentration of their population. With this information, Iguana Control can identify opportunities to control their spread. Our team of iguana control experts is trained in dealing with sightings and prepare a map that will include places where iguanas have been spotted, as well as burrows and other tunnels that have been found in your yard. Then, preventive actions can be taken as well as proper removal activities when necessary. By requesting a periodic monitoring service from Iguana Control, you can be a step ahead of these bothersome reptiles and prevent them from overrunning your land. Give us a call today to set up our monitoring service.


Get Protection from Iguanas

At Iguana Control, we offer the topography protection services you need to maintain the iguana population under control and away from your property. Iguanas are not concerned with the size of your property and, if left unchecked, they can cause a great deal of damage to your foliage and landscaping and the structures as well.

By calling our Iguana Control technicians, we can survey your land and discover the holes and nests where these animals have deposited their eggs. By removing the nests and closing the holes, we make it more difficult for the iguana population to thrive in your yard. Our Iguana Control experts will treat and collapse the holes to prevent the next generation from taking over your property.

You may be wondering why we make no mention of iguana repellents. This is because our experience has taught us that they do not work. Monitoring your property and getting rid of burrows and holes, and strategically placing traps will yield better results. Also, setting traps where we lure the iguanas with pieces of fruit or flowers. Once the iguanas are in these cages, they are removed from your property according to the guidelines marked by state and local laws regarding the humane treatment of iguanas.

Property Monitoring

Once the initial strategy against the existing iguanas on your property has been put in place, it is important to continue to monitor your grounds to prevent iguanas from selecting your home as their home. Our property monitoring service will visit your property periodically to study the terrain and identify any new holes or burrows.

By engaging our monitoring services, you take a proactive step towards the permanent elimination of iguanas from your property. Keep in mind that iguanas are a bothersome pest that can carry diseases besides destroying the landscaping.

Our monitoring services will also have a consultation with you regarding the maintenance of your trees and take action to prevent iguanas from climbing up them and crossing to your roof through one of the branches. Iguanas can cause damage to your roof and the structure of your house if tree branches are not trimmed frequently.

If your property is by the ocean, waterway, or a canal, we will also monitor the situation along the water. Iguanas love water and have no problem using it to move from one property to another. If we suspect that iguanas are using your seawall, dock, or other structures to gain access to your property, we will also take proactive steps to make these entryways impossible for iguanas to breach.

Land Surveying

Through our land surveying service, our Iguana Control technicians will thoroughly survey your property to discover where the iguanas might be digging burrows and tunnels to lay their eggs and escape when they feel threatened. These nests or burrows tend to be found close to seawalls and other bodies of water.

You do not want these burrows to remain open and accessible to iguanas and passively watch their population grow. We will search for any crevice where they might take shelter and recommend the trimming of tree branches that may serve as bridges for iguanas to cross over to your roof to nest there and damage your property.

There is no reason for you to do battle against iguanas on your property on your own. By calling Iguana Control today, you can put an end to your iguana in a safe and lasting way.

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