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Have you noticed green iguanas on your property in Monroe County? The iguana population in South Florida is massive. This invasive species can destroy your private property by eating your flowering plants, digging burrows underneath the ground to collapse your infrastructure, and leaving behind a foul smell.

For these reasons and more, you’ll want to contact Iguana Control. Iguanas are pests, but none of the pest control companies know how to remove iguanas like we do. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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What You Need to Know About Iguanas

Green iguanas are a health hazard, as well as a nuisance to yards and vegetable gardens in South Florida. This nonnative species can quickly infest your home and gardens and ruin your quality of life.

During the breeding season, iguanas have the potential to overrun your land. Male iguanas have a bright green color that turns orange to attract female iguanas. The females will lay as many as 70 eggs every year, each of them only requiring just 90 to 120 days before hatching.

You likely have tried repellents to deter them, but those don’t get the job done. Instead, you need a professional service to remove animals like these and keep them from destroying everything you love.

Reasons Why You Need Help with Your Iguana Problem

Maybe you’ve only seen one iguana roaming around, but the truth is that the number of these iguanas found during our surveys is far greater than you can imagine. They dig holes under the ground called burrows. Chances are, if you’ve seen one on your land, you’ve likely got tons more green iguanas set to surprise you with unfathomable property damage.

 There are many more reasons why you’ll want to call in the experts to remove iguanas from your land. Iguanas are experts in causing damage. They will ruin your gardens and flowers. They also gobble up endangered species of snails and butterflies, which disrupts the ecosystem. They’re a danger to pet owners too, because iguana feces can be dangerous for your pets. The droppings contain salmonella, which can easily spread to your garden and grass, making it more accessible for your pets to ingest.

 Another thing about iguana droppings beyond containing bacteria is that they smell terrible. Not that any type of feces ever has an appealing scent, however, iguanas leave feces behind that smells so vile, it will impede your enjoyment of your yard. Additionally, those droppings can cause the paint to peel off your car, which is yet another reason why you will need professional help from Iguana Control to get rid of them.

What Professional Removal of Iguanas Can Do

Once the iguana population spirals out of control in your backyard, you need to get things under control. If not, this invasive species will get into your garbage cans looking for food and destroying other structures surrounding your home.

Keep in mind, once you see one iguana, there are likely more of them burrowing underground where you can’t see them. We don’t just exercise removal of these pests. We also prevent their reentry by creating barriers and seals. We secure the perimeter of your area and fill burrows with stones as a safe and natural way to get rid of iguanas.

Another tactic to keep iguanas away is by using reflective surfaces. Iguanas are frightened of their own appearances, and by placing these on your landscaping in a nonintrusive way, we can spook them off your land.

In and around your home, you’ll want to do your part too. Keep trees trimmed back from the perimeter of your home, so these pesky lizards don’t have any access to your roof. You should check the exterior of your home for damage at doors, windows, and on the roof, where iguanas can claw inside from these points. Additionally, having your temperature inside your home kept to a soothing cool will prevent any iguana from wanting to stick around. They like it hot and humid, so the colder you keep things, the better off you’ll be.

Three iguanas in a grass field eating an apple

Iguana Removal Monroe County

In Monroe County, the removal of iguanas is popular because of the huge numbers of iguanas lurking around. Our expert team at Iguana Control practices safe removal techniques. In the event that we must trap an iguana, we will get rid of it for you. Let us help you reclaim your home or business from these lizard intruders. Call us today for your free estimate!

We get rid of iguanas on your land by first conducting an inspection. We seek out the signs of iguana infestation, then create a custom plan to get rid of them for good. Most of our removal efforts are based on prevention tactics. These are almost always effective, though there are some stubborn iguanas that we will need to trap to keep them from coming back.

Larger spaces tend to benefit from topography protection. This will keep the infrastructure from collapsing due to their underground burrows. If you’re tired of iguanas coming back to haunt you, you need Florida’s largest company for the removal of iguanas, Iguana Control. Let us help you reclaim your slice of peaceful paradise by giving you a free estimate for removing iguanas from your land!

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