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Some people find iguanas fascinating, so they keep them as pets. But in Islamorada, more often than not, these creatures are pests. Iguanas running around in your yard can cause damage which is why you need Iguana Control Islamorada.

Iguana next to the pool

Why You Need Iguana Removal Islamorada

It’s necessary to have iguana trapping in Islamorada because of how quickly iguanas breed. The females are capable of laying 70 eggs each year. Their eggs take 90 to 120 days before hatching, and your property could quickly be overrun with iguanas.

Droppings from Iguanas

You might want iguana removal in Islamorada because those droppings iguanas leave behind a horrific smell. Not that any feces ever smells pleasant, iguanas truly make a stink that is so unbearable you will not want to spend time in your pool or garden. You won’t be able to enjoy your patio, deck, or yard space either.

Iguana Burrows

Additionally, iguanas burrow underneath the ground. You may see one here and there running through the yard or in the trees. But what you don’t see are the ones burrowing under your property. They can destroy the infrastructure that keeps your deck and seawall in place. This burrowing has taken down sidewalks, pathways, and pool platforms too.

Paint Damages

Iguana Control Islamorada also gets plenty of complaints from people who have made the unpleasant discovery that iguana droppings destroy car paint. If you don’t remove it in a timely fashion, the paint will peel off, which costs a lot to fix.

Garden Destruction

Gardens should be a place of peace on your property. Iguanas love flowers and plants and will help themselves to what they want. They’re herbivores but also destroy endangered species of snails and butterflies, making them very unwelcome pests.

Each of these reasons is why you must call Iguana Control Islamorada.

What You Can Do for Iguana Control in Islamorada

You’re not the only one that loves your gardens and landscaped grounds. The iguanas love it and are happy to burrow there while eating your plants. What you need to do is make it inhospitable for them, and thankfully, you won’t have to destroy your beautiful yard to make that happen.

Large iguana

Construct Barriers

Barriers are an excellent way to stop iguana infestations. While it’s true iguanas can climb fences, the real trouble is that they can burrow under the ground. Metal plates underneath that fencing will stop their burrowing.

Seal Burrows

If you see iguana burrows on your property, you can keep them from returning by filling them up. Stones are a natural and safe way of keeping the iguanas from invading your territory.

Keep Your Garden Clean

Composting and fertilizing with food scraps is a sustainable practice. However, you don’t want to leave food scraps when iguanas are on your property. A clean garden free of extra temptations will prevent luring more of them to your yard.

Protect Your Roof from Iguanas

The sharp claws on iguanas are great for climbing. This is how they can get up those trees so quickly. However, if those trees are close to your home, they can also get onto your roof. From there, they can claw their way into your home. Trust us when we say you don’t want to be scared out of your wits by an intruding iguana inside your house!

Make Reflections

One very interesting thing about iguanas is that they are scared of their own reflections. Iguana Control Islamorada utilizes methods like this to safely freak out these large lizards, keeping them from your home. Iguana trapping in Islamorada is only used as a last resort to get them off your grounds for good.

Create a Seal

Cracks in your doors or windows are an invitation for iguanas too. Seal them off properly to prevent iguanas from clawing their way inside.

Turn Your Air Conditioning Down to Cold

Iguanas are happy in Islamorada because the warm temperature is comfortable for them. Turn your air conditioning on to a cool setting to keep them from finding it comfortable in your home.

What to Do About Iguana Removal Islamorada?

Since iguanas can quickly become pests on your property, you need an expert that knows how to make them go away. Let Iguana Control in Islamorada help keep them off your property for good.

Reclaim your yard by contacting us today for a free estimate!

Iguana Monitoring

Iguana Control can help with iguana removal in Islamorada by conducting iguana monitoring. We look for those burrows and up in the trees to assess your property and make a plan of action.

Iguana Trapping Islamorada

At Iguana Control, we focus our efforts on preventative strategies to keep those iguanas away. When it’s necessary, we will trap them on rare occasions, and there are some persistent creatures that won’t take the hint.

Protection of Property

For large plots of land, Iguana Control in Islamorada can protect your topography from infrastructural damage. We survey the area and protect it with our monitoring methods and products. We do so safely and remove the holes to keep the iguanas from returning.

You’ll Be Iguana-Free with Iguana Control in Islamorada

As Florida’s largest iguana control and removal company, Iguana Control is confident in our ability to restore peace to your slice of paradise. We use special methods for an unobtrusive way to meld with your landscaping, resulting in an iguana-free home and yard.

Our smart, safe, and effective tactics for iguana removal in Islamorada are the best. Call us today and regain control of your property by getting a free estimate!

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