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When you’re outside and an iguana suddenly surprises you out of the blue, you need to act fast. A little green iguana might not seem like an issue, but they spread like wildfire and could be nesting in your South Florida backyard. The Wildlife Conservation Commission does not allow iguanas to be kept as pets in South Florida due to their invasiveness in both residential and commercial properties. 

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Wild animals are difficult to manage on your own, which is why you should reach out to reliable iguana removal services. Since the 1960s, homeowners have been dealing with the overgrowth of these invasive animals — which easily spread, dig holes, create havoc, and are a general nuisance. 

Because these animals destroy vegetation, this not only ruins your garden but also puts agriculture in danger. These pets create holes in infrastructure and cause other issues as an invasive species. Marathon homeowners should reach out to an iguana-trapping business to control this nuisance before the pests spread. Contact Iguana Control as soon as you spot one at your home in Monroe County, South Florida.

How Do I Get Rid of Iguanas Permanently in Monroe County, Florida?

Getting rid of invasive iguanas can be a difficult process. Here are some steps you should take:

Identify the Problem

Before taking any action, try to identify the extent of the problem and damage. Check if there are just a few iguanas causing minor damage or if there is an infestation that needs to be addressed immediately.

Attract Less Iguanas

Iguanas are attracted to certain plants, so removing or replacing these plants can help discourage them from coming into your yard. Some plants that are known to attract iguanas include hibiscus, roses, and fruit trees.

Get Fencing

Installing a fence around your yard can help keep iguanas out. Make sure the fence is at least six feet tall and extends below ground level to prevent reentry and from them from digging underneath it.

Trapping Methods

If you have a persistent iguana problem, trapping may be necessary. Live traps can be used to catch the iguanas, which can then be released in a more suitable location.

Remember to always handle iguanas with care and with the proper equipment, as they can be dangerous when threatened.

Humane Iguana Trapping & Removal In Marathon

Humane trapping is one method that we use to capture iguanas for removal from a property. Here are the steps for humane iguana trapping and removal:

Choose the Right Trap

We select a trap that is designed specifically for iguanas. These traps should be large enough to accommodate an adult iguana, but small enough to prevent other animals from entering. Traps made from metal mesh or wire are good choices because they allow for proper ventilation and visibility.

Trap Bait

Iguanas are attracted to certain foods such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers. We use these items as bait to lure them into the trap. We make sure to place the bait at the back of the trap so that the iguana is fully inside before the door closes.

Set the Trap

In most cases, this will involve pulling a lever or triggering a latch that will close the door once the iguana enters the trap.

Checking the Trap

We check the trap at least once a day to see if an iguana has been caught. Iguanas can overheat quickly, which is why they must be removed from the trap as soon as possible.

Transport The Iguanas Away

Once the iguana is caught, we handle it carefully to avoid injury. This involves wearing protective gloves and using a towel or blanket to cover the iguana before moving it.

Professional Iguana Trappers In South Florida

If you are unable to address the iguana problem on your own, consider hiring our professional pest control company. We can provide humane and permanent solutions to get rid of iguanas and prevent them from coming back. Iguana removal services typically use a combination of methods to monitor properties for iguana infestations. Here are some of the methods that may be used:


A trained technician will inspect your property to identify signs of iguana activity, such as droppings, burrows, and damage to plants or structures.

Trapping and Removal

Live traps may be set up on your property to capture iguanas. These traps are checked regularly to see if any iguanas have been caught.

If iguanas are caught, they are removed from the property and transported to a suitable location away from residential areas.


Our iguana removal services may also use methods to prevent iguanas from accessing your property. This can include installing physical barriers such as fences or netting to keep iguanas out.

Habitat Transformation

Another way to prevent iguanas from infesting your property is to modify the habitat. This can involve removing plants that iguanas are attracted to and replacing them with less desirable alternatives.

Follow Up Maintenance

Once iguanas have been removed from your property, follow-up visits may be scheduled to ensure that no new iguanas have moved in. These visits can also help identify any potential problem areas and provide recommendations for preventing future infestations.

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Iguana Removal Marathon Services in South Florida Monroe County

By using professional methods, iguana removal services can monitor your property for iguana infestations and provide ongoing protection against these pests. We provide monitoring, trapping, topography protection, and installation. Our team will observe your property to make sure they don’t return to your home in Monroe County. Our trapping methods follow state and federal regulations.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Remove an Iguana By Yourself in Florida

It is not recommended to use violent methods to remove iguanas from your Monroe County property in Florida. Instead, consider using humane methods that are effective and do not cause harm to the animal or yourself. 

Consult with Iguana Control today in Monroe County and speak to our representatives about your pest problem. We can also help with the removal of snakes, squirrels, birds, and other species in additional Florida zip codes.

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