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iguana Iguanas are herbivores that shy away from contact. But despite their peaceful appearance, they have become an out-of-control invasive species. Wild iguanas can destroy entire ecosystems and consume vegetation at a rapid pace. They are capable of building tunnels that are up to 80 feet long that are four to six feet deep under the ground. They do this so that they can lay between 14 to 76 eggs for each clutch. These tunnels can collapse sidewalks, canal banks, foundations, and more. They create liability for residential homes and can even puncture through sea bank walls. The state requires a humane approach to remove iguanas, making it more difficult for the average civilian to manage. You can work with helpful professionals and help keep the iguana population under control and safely remove them from your property. Call Iguana Control in Boca Raton today to find out how the process works

What Kind of Damage Does Iguanas Do?

Even though iguanas are not carnivores, they also do not have any natural predators. This allows them to proliferate unchecked, allowing their population to continue to rise. 

Contaminate Large Spaces

Iguanas can carry salmonella, which can be released and spread through their feces. Because of this, iguanas can contaminate pool platforms, decks, moored boats, docks, seawalls, porches, and swimming pools with their droppings. When iguanas come in large groups, they can contaminate large spaces with their feces, making the area a biohazard. 

Erode Ecosystems

Because iguanas dig deep underground to build burrows, they can destroy foundations, sidewalks, and more. They can make entire areas shaky and unsafe to cross if the underground burrows weaken the land above them. This destroys not only suburban areas but also the ecosystem for other animals and plant life. Banks can be eroded through crumbling landscapes, crippling delicate ecosystems. 

Destroy Gardens and Landscape 

Iguanas love to eat dark leafy vegetables and can destroy gardens. They eat figs, mangos, tomatoes, bananas, tomatoes, berries, and more. Iguanas can also destroy expensive landscape plants and shrubbery. They will also eat flowers, orchards, and other floral outdoor decors. These reptiles can quickly ruin the scenery of an entire neighborhood. 

How Do Iguana Removal Services Get Rid of Iguanas?

Professional trappers can quickly and safely trap iguanas without breaking any animal cruelty laws. They understand iguana behavior and will quickly locate and contain them. The most common methods used to catch iguanas are live cage traps, noose poles, nets, or by hand. 

Noose Pole Trapping

One approach to catching an iguana is using a noose pole, also known as an iguana snare. Professional trappers can approach iguanas from a distance without scaring them away while trapping the iguana without harming them. The noose pole and the thin rope are made of tough and hard-to-break materials. The rope is slipped around the lizard’s neck with a long pole that keeps the trapper safe. Once it is around the lizard’s neck, the rope is tightened so that the iguana cannot get away. This method works well for catching iguanas humanely. 

Live Cage Trapping 

When there are iguanas that are hard to catch, professionals may use a live cage to trap them. The cage is made of a strong material to prevent the iguana from biting through the metal or slipping through the gaps in its structure. Some traps are designed to trap between 20 to 25 iguanas at a time, and they shut closed every time an iguana enters the cage. Professionals know that iguanas like to eat flowers and vegetables, so they may use that as bait inside the cage. Once the iguana is trapped safely inside, it can be removed and relocated to a safe location. 

Why Are Iguanas an Invasive Species?

Iguanas were originally pets and did not originate from Florida. This means that they are not part of Florida’s ecosystem, but rather, they are destructive to it. Invasive species can cause both economic and ecological harm to the environment they are not native to. They were introduced in the 1960s because previous pet owners released them into the wild. 

How Can I Remove Iguanas Today in Boca Raton?

If you ended help removing iguanas, you should speak with a professional so that they can survey your property and provide you with your best options. If you catch iguanas alone, you may put yourself at risk of accidentally harming the iguanas. This can get you into legal trouble because of the animal cruelty laws in place. To get help immediately, contact Iguana Control to find out how to get started.

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