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In Delray Beach, hardly a day goes by without seeing iguanas scuttling across yards or lounging in the branches of trees. While lizards are a common sight in South Florida, these large reptiles can wreak havoc in your yard and even inside your home. This is why you need Iguana Control Delray Beach.


Why Iguana Removal Delray Beach?

Iguana trapping in Delray Beach is needed because these massive lizards breed quickly. Female iguanas are capable of laying as many as 70 eggs per year. Since these eggs only take 90 to 120 days to hatch, they can unleash baby iguanas quickly. It’s little wonder why they can overrun a property in no time at all.

Here’s why you may want to call Iguana Control Delray Beach.

They Leave Feces Everywhere

One of the biggest reasons you may be prompted to call for iguana removal in Delray Beach is the droppings iguanas leave behind. While feces never smells good, the stench from iguanas is disturbing enough to keep you from enjoying your pool, deck, patio, yard, and garden areas.

They Burrow Underground

You may think nothing of seeing iguanas climbing up in your trees or running across your yard. But now you should pay attention, for iguanas creating burrows underground. The intricate networks they create out of plain sight can disturb your infrastructure. They have the capability of causing your seawall, sidewalks, pathways, pool platforms, and decks to collapse.

More Trouble from Iguanas

Perhaps you like lizards and don’t mind seeing iguanas. They are fascinating creatures, but you won’t want them hanging around because they can cause trouble. The droppings from iguanas can cause the paint on your car to peel off. Plus, they can destroy your flowering plants.

Iguanas may be herbivores, but they’re also known to feast upon endangered species of butterflies and snails. In South Florida, they are considered an invasive species. If you see iguanas anywhere on your property, you’d better call Iguana Control Delray Beach.

How You Can Get Iguana Control in Delray Beach

Homeowners and property owners know how expensive landscaping can be. If you let iguanas run amok on your property, you will throw money down the drain. They will burrow and destroy your yard. They will eat all of your plants, and they will disturb the peaceful oasis that you call your own.

That’s why it’s important to take the proper measures to deter them and keep them from returning to your property.

Iguana with pool in background

Build Barriers and Fill the Burrows

A fence can’t keep an iguana out. They easily climb them, though the trouble starts when they burrow below. If you place metal plates underneath the fencing on your property, it’s a safe way to deter iguanas.

As for the burrows, when you find them, you should fill them with stones. This stops them from burrowing.

Be Vigilant About Food Scraps

Gardens and the flowers that bloom will attract any iguana. However, food scraps that you may use for composting or fertilizing are irresistible to these big lizards. Always keep your garden clean and free of these additional temptations.

Keep Your Roof Safe from Iguanas

If you’ve looked closely at the iguanas you’ve seen, there’s little doubt you’ve missed their sharp claws. These help them climb, allowing them to scale any tree in seconds. From those trees, they can get up on your roof. Keeping those trees around your home trimmed is a good idea.

Iguanas are adept at getting into your home from the rooftop too. Without you even knowing, they can expose your roof to leaks or damage from storms. Would you want to run into an iguana in your home? Most people would not, which is why you need to deter them from your home.

Use Reflection

Not many people think iguanas are cute creatures. The iguanas have self-esteem issues, for they are afraid when they see their own reflections. Iguana Control Delray Beach uses these methods to safely scare them away. Iguana trapping in Delray Beach is our last resort to get these lizard intruders off your property.

Form a Strong Seal

Do you have any cracks in your windows or doors? Iguanas will let themselves right in with those sharp claws unless you take steps to seal them up properly.

Keep Your Home Cool

Iguanas have achieved pest status here in South Florida and the Delray Beach area because of the warm and humid climate. Iguana Control Delray Beach is busy every day catching these lizards. If you don’t want them taking up residence in your home, keep the temperature cool inside.

What to Do About Iguana Removal Delray Beach?

For both residential and commercial properties with iguana problems, Rely on Iguana Control Delray Beach to get rid of them. We use special techniques to deter them, allowing you to get back to enjoying your own slice of Floridian paradise.

Contact us today to get a free estimate and learn more about how we can perform iguana removal in Delray Beach!

Home Monitoring for Iguanas

For iguana removal in Delray Beach, Iguana Control can take a look at your home and yard. We know how to spot those telltale signs that iguanas are taking over. Then we make a plan to keep them away safely and effectively.

Iguana Trapping Delray Beach

At Iguana Control, we focus our efforts on prevention so iguanas will not find your home a desirable place to breed. When necessary, we will trap them on the rare occasions when our preventative measures don’t work for some of the more persistent pests.

Protecting Your Property

With large properties, Iguana Control in Delray Beach helps with topography protection. We first survey your land. Then we protect it with our own monitoring methods and products. We do this in a safe way to get rid of burrowing holes, resulting in keeping the iguanas from coming back.

Iguana Control in Delray Beach Solves Your Iguana Problems

Iguana Control is the largest company of its kind in Florida. As experts in our field, we can easily get iguanas off your property through unobtrusive methods that fit your landscaping aesthetic.

Contact us today to get your free estimate and be on your way to restoring the peace in your yard without iguanas!

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