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iguana The introduction of iguanas in the 1960s has caused a state-wide problem, resulting in the partial destruction of the ecosystem and outdoor property. If this continues unchecked, iguanas can ruin properties, landscapes, and natural reserves. The lifecycle of an iguana contributes to this because they dig underground tunnels for up to 80 feet in length to hatch and protect their young. These large reptiles range between seven to ten feet and can lay up to 76 eggs per clutch. To protect your property from these animals, you can work with professionals who have years of experience removing iguanas. Call Iguana Control as soon as possible to help prevent these reptiles from overwhelming your property.

Why Are Iguanas a Nuisance?

Iguanas are considered dangerous to natural habitats and residential properties. They also are a health risk. This is because they devour large amounts of vegetation because leafy greens are their primary diet. They will eat fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubbery, and more. This can ruin landscaping, gardens, and other outdoor vegetation. They can erode the banks of canals, cause foundations to collapse, crumbling sidewalks, and more. Iguanas are known to build large underground networks of tunnels that can be up to 80 feet long. Even though these tunnels are four to six feet deep on average, the hollowed-out dirt can leave anything above ground vulnerable to sinking. Worst of all, iguanas can carry and transmit salmonella. This can be done through their feces and when they get into contact with water. If a large number of iguanas gather in one area, a large area covered by their feces can create a hazard for any passerby. 

Do Iguanas Have Natural Enemies?

Iguanas do not have any natural enemies and aren’t typically targeted by any carnivores in Florida. Females average around seven feet and males around ten feet, making them the largest well-established reptile in the state. Even though they are herbivores, they bite very hard, have sharp nails, and whip-lash their tail at attackers. They also have tough skin and run very fast, making them difficult to catch or kill. 

How Do Professionals Catch Them?

Instead of trying to catch iguanas on your own, you can consider reaching out to a professional who knows how to manage iguanas. This can prevent you from harming iguanas unnecessarily and getting into trouble with animal cruelty laws. 

Professionals Use Live Cage Traps

When you get a professional team to help you, they will employ live cage traps that require no contact. These cages are built with tough metal that can’t be ripped open by iguanas. They are also too narrow for iguanas to slip out of. Live trap cages are placed near their burrows, plants they like to eat, and other areas that attract iguanas. If there is a large population of iguanas, the professionals may consider using multi-trap cages that can catch between 20 to 25 iguanas at a time. 

They Also Use Noose Poles or Snares 

Another humane way to catch iguanas is by using a long pole with a thin rope attached at the end. The rope is slipped around the neck of the iguana and tightened once the lizard has been trapped. Noose poles are designed to be strong, with a pole that is difficult to break under pressure and a rope that won’t snap under the iguana’s weight. The iguana can then be safely roped, placed in a cage, and relocated safely. 

Why Can’t I Just Remove Iguanas On My Own?

Iguanas are hard to catch and also challenging to kill without breaking laws. They move fast and don’t die easily. It is generally illegal to drown, freeze, decapitate, and shoot iguanas because they suffer terribly and don’t die immediately. Most methods are illegal because of how an iguana’s nervous system is built. You can get arrested and put in jail if you are caught harming iguanas based upon the animal cruelty laws in place. Professionals are educated and are well-versed in the humane trapping and handling of iguanas. 

What Should I Do To Get Rid Of These Iguanas?

You can reach out to professionals to help remove iguanas from your property in Lake Worth. They will advise you on your options and let you know what the best approach is. Because they are trained in handling iguanas, they can quickly remove them without causing any harm. You can stay clear of getting into trouble or accidentally breaking laws. Find out more information and call Iguana Control today to get started.

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