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Topography Protection Tourists may find iguanas to be a cool and unique attraction while walking around the streets of Florida, but they may not know that iguanas have become an invasive species. If you have a wide area of space with many woody areas, then iguanas can become a nuisance that is hard to control. Topography protection from iguanas is a service that helps maintain iguana populations and keeps them away so that they don’t overrun your property. Taking care of your property is easier with this service so that you don’t have to waste time and money chasing and repelling iguanas on your own. Topography protection is a well rounded approach that involves nest removal, trapping, and vigilant monitoring.

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Topography Protection From Iguanas

It doesn’t matter what size your property is, you can still get help with an invasive population of iguanas. Managing iguanas with topography protection is an effective method.

Iguana Nest Removal

Some large properties can have several iguana nests with many interconnecting tunnels. Female iguanas can lay over 75 eggs a year. For a homeowner with several acres, this can be a nightmare. The whole property must be surveyed for holes where nests may be hidden. All of the nests should be checked for eggs to find out if they are being used by iguanas for nesting specifically. These eggs can be removed and neutralized before they develop into additional pests.

The tunnels can then be filled, collapsed, and removed. Typically, these holes are filled with gravel or rocks. This is because dirt is soft and may allow iguanas to recreate their nests with ease. Iguanas have difficulty removing rocks or gravel, and will be deterred from creating nests in these hot spots again.

Product Application

There are many commercial iguana repellents on the market. Our experience has taught us, however, that they are not effective. We have found topographical modification along with traps to be the most effective means of removing and deterring iguana populations. We recommend that our clients avoid purchasing commercial iguana repellents.

Iguana Trapping

Cages can be set up in areas where iguanas are residing the most. These will be heavy duty cages that are humane – ones that iguanas can’t break through and won’t be harmed in. Typically iguanas are lured into these with flowers or fruit, then removed from the property. Our cages and trapping practices are humane and compliant with local and state laws.

Monitoring Topography

After we have used these approaches, our professional iguana wildlife team will be monitoring the progress. Over time, the land has to be analyzed for new nesting grounds and the arrival of new iguanas. If new iguanas are spotted, especially small young ones, then there are iguana nests somewhere nearby. They will have to be emptied of eggs and iguanas then filled. Granules can be placed around the newly discovered nest, along with more gravel.
Depending on the area where the nests and holes are found, we can place mesh over the holes, wrap the bases of trees to deter iguanas from climbing them, or place other barriers to keep them out. If necessary, we can begin another round of trapping.

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