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Iguana When you live in Davie, you’re bound to see iguanas roaming around. These large lizards may hang out in your trees or run across your yard. Unlike small lizards, these massive reptiles can cause major damage to your home and grounds. That’s why you need Iguana Control in Davie.

Why Iguana Removal Davie is Essential

Iguana trapping in Davie is a necessity because iguanas breed quickly. The female iguanas can lay as many as 70 eggs each year. It only takes 90 to 120 days for those eggs to crack open and reveal baby iguanas. That means the potential for them to overrun your property is enormous.

Here’s why you may want to call Iguana Control Davie.

Iguana Feces

You may want to call for iguana removal in Davie because the droppings those iguanas leave behind stink. The smell can ruin your enjoyment of your pool, patio, deck, garden, and yard, plus they can spread disease.

Iguana Burrows

While you may see iguanas climbing your trees or scooting through your yard, what you don’t see are the burrows they create. They do this underground, creating a network of destruction underneath the surface that disturbs your infrastructure. This means your deck, seawall, sidewalks, pathways, and pool platforms can all suffer the consequences.

Other Iguana Damage

Initially, you may think it’s a little cute to come out to your car and see an iguana on it, or even nestled in a tree branch just above where you park. Make no mistake about it, those iguana droppings can make the paint peel off your car.

For your garden, those iguanas will mangle all your flowering plants. While they are herbivores, they can harm endangered species of snails and butterflies as they gobble them up too.

All of these reasons mean there is only one thing to do when you see iguanas on your property – call Iguana Control Davie.

How to Get Iguana Control in Davie

Landscaping isn’t cheap, and if you’ve spent your time and money making your home and gardens look beautiful, you don’t want iguanas to ruin it. Since they love burrowing and eating your plants, they can destroy your peace. That’s why you should take measures to deter them from coming back.

Construct Barriers and Fill Up Burrows

Fences don’t keep iguanas out, and even though they can climb them, they are more interested in burrowing in the ground below. Placing metal plating underneath your fencing serves as a safe and suitable deterrent.

The same goes for burrows too. As you find iguana burrows, load them up with stones. This prevents them from burrowing and keeps them away.

Don’t Leave Food Scraps

Your garden and its flowering plants are enough of an attraction for iguanas. If you don’t want an iguana to show up, then don’t leave out your food scraps for compost. If you don’t want them to come snacking in your yard, make sure your garden is kept clean and free of iguana temptations.

Protect Your Roof from Iguanas

Iguanas have super-sharp claws that help them climb easily. That’s how they get up trees and come to find your roof as a new home. You’ll want to make sure you trim trees or have your landscaper do so to make it harder for them to gain access.

On your rooftop, iguanas are masters of breaking and entering. They can get into your house this way, leaving the roof exposed to leaks or storm damage. Plus, you really don’t want to have an iguana surprise you in your home. Using ways to deter them will keep the peace on your property.

Reflective Devices

We might not think of iguanas as attractive animals, and apparently, they don’t either. They are afraid when they see their reflections. Iguana Control in Davie utilizes methods like these to safely spook these reptilian beings from your home. We only use iguana trapping in Davie as a last resort to get rid of these large lizards.

Create a Proper Seal

Cracks in windows or doors make for the perfect invitation for iguanas. Seal them up, or else they’ll use their claws to gain entry.

Cool Your Home

Since iguanas love South Florida and the Davie area, Iguana Control in Davie is busy with removing these creatures every day. In your home, you can make the environment inhospitable to iguanas by keeping it nice and cool inside.

What to Do About Iguana Removal in Davie?

If you have a residential or commercial property with iguanas on the loose, they can be troublesome pests. You may have tried to get them to leave before with no success, but our expert team at Iguana Control can make sure they go away and never come back.

Contact us today for a free estimate and learn more about how we can perform iguana removal in Davie!

Monitoring Practices

For iguana removal in Davie, Iguana Control can monitor your home and yard. We scout for holes and look in the trees and make a plan to deter them efficiently and safely.

Iguana Trapping Davie

Iguana Control focuses our efforts on prevention to keep iguanas from finding your home and yard a desirable location. On rare occasions, we do trap them when preventative efforts don’t deter them.

Protection of Property

For large properties, Iguana Control in Davie assists through topography protection. We take a survey of your land, then protect it using monitoring methods and our own products. We safely treat it all and remove those burrowing holes to keep iguanas away.

Iguana Control in Davie Makes Homes Iguana-Free

The largest iguana control and removal company in Florida is Iguana Control. We are experts in our field and can easily remove iguanas from your property. We use unobtrusive methods that meld with landscaping to keep your home and gardens looking lovely while getting iguanas to leave.

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