Iguana Removal in Kendall, FL

Photo of Iguana Iguanas are a common critter to see in Kendall, Florida. And while they might seem harmless, they can wreak havoc on the local ecosystem and your residential or commercial property.

Iguanas are known to damage vegetation, carry diseases, and pose a threat to small pets. As herbivores, iguanas can target any vegetation in your yard, destroying plants of all kinds – whether they are crops you are growing in your garden or flowers a landscaper has planted for you.

Iguanas can also be a safety issue due to the diseases they carry, putting your pets, children, and loved ones at risk. Kendall, Florida, homes deserve to be as clean, beautiful, and safe as anywhere else, so it’s important to know what to do when your yard gets infested by iguanas.

There are many misconceptions about iguana removal, including the effectiveness of repellents. Because of this, it’s important to be familiar with iguana removal services in Kendall, Florida, that residents can count on.

At Iguana Control, we take all preventative measures necessary to ensure your property is iguana-free – both now and in the future.

Get Iguanas Under Control

One of the best ways to start the process of removing these pests from your property is to get the invasive iguanas under control. Iguana Control is happy to assist in assessing your yard and helping you choose the best-suited preventive measures for your property.

Preventative Measures

To get started, Kendall, Florida, residents should take preventive measures to deter iguanas from entering their property. These preventative measures are easy to incorporate into your property, including actions such as:

  • Covering Your Swimming Pool: Iguanas are attracted to water and may enter your pool, causing damage and making a mess. They may pass diseases on by infecting your pool water and can damage pool liners. By covering your pool when it is not in use, you can prevent them from accessing it.
  • Installing Fencing: Fencing is a great way to keep iguanas out of your yard. However, it is important to use the right type of fence that is tall enough to keep iguanas from climbing over it.
  • Remove Potential Food Sources: Iguanas are herbivores and, thus, are naturally attracted to vegetation. By removing any potential food sources from your yard such as fruit trees or vegetable gardens, you can discourage iguanas from entering your property.

Iguana Removal

If your residential or commercial property is struggling with an iguana infestation, then iguana removal may be necessary. Iguana Control provides a variety of options for iguana removal in Kendall, Florida, such as trapping and making your yard less hospitable for them.

Trapping Iguanas

If your property has an active iguana infestation, one method of iguana removal in Kendall, Florida is iguana trapping. Trapping involves setting up a cage with bait inside to lure the iguanas in. Once they enter the cage, the door will close, trapping them inside.

It is important to note that iguanas are protected by Florida’s animal cruelty laws and other regulations. It is illegal to both sell and relocate iguanas, so Iguana Control always prioritizes dissuading iguanas from entering your property in the first place, only trapping iguanas if necessary.

Iguanas and Repellent

Iguana Control is familiar with iguana repellent, recognizing just how ineffective it is. Commercial repellents that are sold both online and in-store are not effective at repelling iguanas. Just think about it – if it was as easy as spraying a repellent around the yard to ward off iguanas, Florida wouldn’t have such a serious problem with them.

The best way to “repel” iguanas isn’t with repellent at all. So our team at Iguana Control focuses on tactics like modifying vegetation, trapping, and topographical modification. The best way to keep your yard iguana-free is to dissuade them from ever entering.

Topography Protection

Topography protection is another important iguana control method to consider. Iguanas are known to climb trees and other tall structures, so it’s important to know how easy your property is to access.

Iguana Control is experienced in topographical modification, providing protection and modifications like trimming back overhanging branches, removing tree stumps or other potential climbing structures, and filling in any holes or gaps that may be providing iguanas with easy access.

Topography protection also involves iguana nest removal, as some properties can have several iguana nests with many interconnecting tunnels. With female iguanas being able to lay over 75 eggs per year, it’s important to fill these tunnels quickly to prevent reproduction.

Our Iguana Monitoring Service

Photo of an Iguana in a FieldIt’s important to monitor your property for signs of iguanas, even after they have been removed. From setting up cameras to utilizing other monitoring equipment, we are happy to provide regular inspections of your property for iguana activity.

Our team of experienced and professional experts are trained in dealing with iguana sightings and will create a map for you including where iguanas have been spotted, where they have burrowed, and where tunnels have been found in your yard.

Iguana monitoring services are a great way to create a plan of action, including what preventative measures can be taken immediately and what proper removal activities may be needed.

Periodic iguana monitoring services provided by Iguana Control are the perfect way to be a step ahead of the iguanas and prevent them from overrunning your property.

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