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Iguanas in Coconut Creek Iguana Control provides iguana removal services in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and surrounding areas. We are the largest iguana removal company in the area and can provide solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

At Iguana Control, we work to protect homes, people, and their properties from this major nuisance animal. 

Wildlife biologists have studied the severe damage iguanas can cause to Deerfield Beach, FL, properties, eating foliage and flowers, harming other endangered species, and taking over garbage cans. Iguanas are some of the dirtiest animals, and their fecal matter can contain salmonella, which can be toxic to pets and people alike. 

Pet owners must be cautious if an iguana comes in contact with their pets’ food. This invasive species of iguanas can cause numerous problems for property owners. Wildlife control experts can help you solve your iguana issues, as they are one of the most complicated animals to trap.

How Do I Get Rid of Iguanas in South Florida?

Homeowners and business owners are encouraged to take action against the invasive species residing on their property. In fact, iguana removal is one of the most common service options we offer.  When the nuisance pest found is an iguana, our team is here to help.

A nuisance pest or nesting material found on your property means there are more iguanas with nests of eggs. Iguanas tend to be creatures of habit, and if you are successful in terminating the iguana population on your property, it is likely that they will stay away for good.

Trapping Iguanas

In Deerfield Beach, FL, you may legally use snares and live traps for catching iguanas. It can be effective to use traditional live traps baited with fruit and bright flowers. Many people practice pre-baiting the iguana trap in order to have greater success in removal. Pre-baiting is simply placing the trap outdoors with food inside without setting the trap. 

This allows the iguanas to get comfortable entering the trap for a quick bite. After doing this for a short time, you can then set the trap. This is a practical solution for trapping. You are required by Florida law to check your iguana traps every 24 hours to ensure an iguana does not remain trapped for an extended period of time. You must be prepared with a plan for the iguana prior to trapping. It must be humanely euthanized and cannot be relocated or sold.

Snaring Iguanas

Deerfield Beach, Florida, wildlife control services with experience in removing green iguanas can safely and efficiently use a hand snare. An iguana trapper may also set up a self-locking snare for trapping iguanas. These traps are typically placed at the entry of the burrow, on the walkway or sea wall, or at holes found near construction gaps. 

The self-locking snares should be set only during daytime hours because of the higher likelihood of catching green iguanas at night. Use discernment when deciding when and where they should be set. Commercial property owners and other food service businesses must consider their customer’s safety first and foremost.

Harvesting Green Iguanas by Hand

Every few years, South Florida experiences a cold winter where the iguanas become stunned and will fall out of the trees. This is a great time for communities to reduce the iguana population. When people work together, it can help control the invasive species of iguana. Still, sometimes the problem is too large and should be left to a licensed professional who can offer complete solutions to iguana removal.

Is It Illegal to Hurt Iguanas in Florida?

While it is not illegal to euthanize green iguanas in Deerfield Beach, FL, they are protected by anti-cruelty laws and must be humanely killed. The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission encourages property owners to actively remove green iguanas and other iguanas from their properties.

What to Do if You Catch an Iguana in Florida?

Property owners in Deerfield Beach, FL, who trap an iguana on their property may be able to acquire euthanasia services from animal control offices or local exotic veterans, depending on the current availability of services. Humane societies can help with many other nuisance pest issues.

In Florida, it is illegal to relocate an iguana. All species of iguana may be captured and humanely killed without acquiring a permit. A general guideline when considering humane extermination is that the animal must not remain trapped for a long time and must be exterminated immediately. 

Depending on your location and local laws or restrictions, a trapped iguana may be killed with an air pellet gun or a firearm. Also, one single deadly blow to the iguanas head is considered humane. It is unlawful to use poisoned bait to eliminate the iguanas.

Iguana Control Can Help

If you feel unprepared to handle iguana removal on your property in Deerfield Beach, FL, Iguana Control can help properly assess the situation. We can help you with the most practical solution for trapping, deterring, and eliminating these pests. We also offer insight into structural modifications you can use. Contact us today for a free consultation for iguana removal.

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