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At Iguana Control, iguanas are our passion! If you live in Immokalee and have a problem with iguanas, read on to discover the expert iguana control services offered by Iguana Control.

Learn about our specialized techniques and professional team dedicated to resolving your iguana problem and explore the range of comprehensive services we provide to ensure effective and humane iguana control.

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Understanding the Behavior and Habits of Iguanas

If you have seen iguanas in your backyard, you probably noticed details about their appearance and behavior. They range in size and color from muted browns to vibrant greens with additional shades thrown in. You may also have seen their long, whip-like tails and the spines that run from their necks to the end of their tails. In some cases, you may have had a chance to see the dewlap, which is a flap of skin that iguanas have beneath their chin and which iguanas use to communicate and regulate their temperature.

Iguanas enjoy basking under the sun because they need to absorb the warm rays to regulate their body temperature. Once they are done sunbathing, they will likely spend the rest of their days interacting with other iguanas, foraging for food, and burrowing in places where you least expect them to.

Some species may opt for the height offered by palm and other trees, others prefer the safety of solid ground, and still, some others are semi-aquatic, preferring to build their nests close to bodies of water.

Risks and Damages Caused by Iguanas on Residential and Commercial Properties

If you have iguanas around, you might have witnessed how much damage they can do. They eat plants, which means they can quickly destroy your prized landscaping. If that is not damaging enough, they can also dig tunnels that can collapse seawalls, sidewalks, and even the foundations of homes and businesses.

Iguanas that prefer treetops can easily move from a branch to the roof of a home or commercial property and burrow and build their nests there. This can cause tremendous damage to the structure of the home or business and many property owners are unaware that this destruction is taking place until the damage is done.

Additionally, their droppings are also a nuisance since you can find them everywhere, including your backyard, deck, patio, driveway, porch, and even inside your swimming pool. These droppings are of particular concern since they can transmit salmonella to humans.

Although they mostly live on a plant-based diet, they can also consume snails and some types of butterflies, representing a threat to native and endangered species.

Preventive Measures to Discourage Iguanas on Your Property

Interestingly, iguanas are not native to Florida but were brought over from Central or South America about 60 years ago. The subtropical climate and the abundance of enticing food have been the perfect ingredients for iguanas to flourish uncontrollably in the Sunshine State.

They can feel comfortable on properties throughout the Immokalee area and beyond, making their homes in residential and commercial properties throughout the area. In general, they are not considered aggressive to humans, but they do have a way of destroying landscaping by eating precious plants and foliage and digging tunnels that can have devastating consequences and may endanger those who step into them because they are unaware of their existence.

Start By Knowing Your Iguanas

If you do not take the time to identify the pest that has taken over your yard, you may be taking the wrong steps to get rid of it, wasting time and money in the process. Florida is known for its black-tailed iguanas, Mexican spiny-tailed iguanas, or green iguanas. Look up pictures to identify what iguanas you are dealing with.

Inspect the Yard

It is important to inspect the area during the day since this is when iguanas will be out enjoying the sun. Look at the plants they have been eating and locate any burrows or tunnels they might have built. See if they have damaged any structural component of your home or commercial building and identify the places where they tend to leave their droppings.

Take Preventive Measures

If you have fruit trees or plants that fill your yard with leaves, rake or pick them up as frequently as possible to prevent the iguanas from having an easy food supply.

Cover ornamental plants with screens, mesh, or other enclosures to deter them from reaching the plant material.

Identify the vegetation that they seem to favor and replace it with different plants that are not attractive to them.

Mow your lawn when it reaches 3 inches in height to remove fallen plant debris and make the area less attractive to iguanas.

Why You Should Hire A Licensed and Insured Iguana Control Service Provider

If, despite your best preventative efforts your property has been overrun by iguanas, your best option to put an end to this annoying and ever-increasing problem is to call expert iguana control services in Immokalee.

When you call professional iguana removal in Immokalee you can rest assured that you are hiring a team of licensed and insured experts that understand the rules and regulations set by Florida law.

Our technicians have the training and expertise to safely remove iguanas from your property. We can also have a look around your property and point out any plants or other vegetation that should be removed to decrease the chance of iguanas finding your property attractive.

Leave the job of iguana removal to the professionals and recover the peace and tranquility of your yard in Immokalee. Call us today. We know how to control the presence of iguanas in a humane manner and we will take all measures necessary to ensure your property is free of these creatures.

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