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iguana For people who live in cooler places, iguana control may seem like a trivial problem, and having one or two iguanas around might look like a colorful addition to anyone’s backyard. But if you live in a place where iguanas roam free, like Key West, FL, the question of how to get rid of iguanas is a major one. You have probably witnessed how these pesky reptiles can harm flowering plants and vegetables if left unchecked.

If you need iguana control in Key West and want to keep iguanas out of the garden, and away from your beautiful plants and landscaping, the best thing you can do is call Iguana Control. We have the expertise and knowledge you need to get rid of iguanas on your property permanently. Schedule a no-obligation visit to your home by one of our iguana removal experts today.

Iguana Control and Removal Services in Key West, FL

When you call Iguana Control to get rid of your Key West iguanas, there are several actions we can take. Depending on the way your property is situated, whether your lot is freestanding or adjacent to your neighbor’s, we can install anti-iguana barriers that prevent these reptiles from crawling into your yard.

Iguanas like to burrow, whether to escape from what they interpret as threats or in order to lay their eggs. Whatever the reason, these holes in the ground need to be eliminated. If nothing is done about them, these crafty creatures will build an entire network of tunnels that will end up undermining the integrity of your ground, sidewalks, sea walls, and other structures. By installing barriers that prevent iguanas from digging and destroying the holes that are already there, iguanas will not find your property attractive.

If your property is located by the water, whether the ocean, a waterway, or a canal, you have probably discovered how much iguanas like this type of setting. They actually use the water to move from one property to the next. By placing barriers in strategic locations, we make it impossible for iguanas to climb into your property. Our iguana control Key West specialists will also install dock piling wrap that will make it difficult for iguanas to climb the pilings and find a permanent home within your yard.

Your home has beautiful landscaping, lush trees, and foliage, but you have discovered that iguanas are waging war, and they mean to win. Your landscaping offers them the food they crave and high trees that allow them to climb and get to other places, such as the roof of your own home. Once there, they can dig into your roof, damaging it and laying eggs on it. Call us today to prevent any of the above situations from developing. Iguana Control will get rid of your Key West iguana problem for good.


What type of damage do iguanas cause?

Iguanas are plant-eating reptiles that feed on many types of plants. In particular, they like flowering shrubs, such as hibiscus, or fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, strawberries, and figs. They also dig burrows to live and lay their eggs. These burrows can damage lawns and garden paths, sidewalks, seawalls, and other structures. Iguanas can also leave feces that are not only smelly and unsightly but are also a health hazard since they are carriers of salmonella.

A preventive iguana removal treatment in Key West by the Iguana Control team of experts will return your backyard to you. This way, you can continue enjoying it as you did before the iguanas took over.

How can I keep iguanas out of my property?

Many of the iguanas that enter any backyard or garden were originally the offspring of domesticated pets that escaped their cages or were released by owners who refused to continue caring for them. This does not mean that you should pick up the iguana or touch it. These reptiles ARE gone wild and can be dangerous if threatened.

At Iguana Control in Key West, we know that the best way to eliminate iguanas is to keep them out of your yard in the first place. This form of iguana control means changing the environment so that it is not iguana friendly anymore. Some ideas that you can easily implement are:

  • Don’t leave food scraps like fresh fruits and vegetables in the garden or open compost bins, as this can be an ideal food source for iguanas.
  • Get rid of areas where iguanas can hide, such as bushes, low-growing plants, and piles of branches or rocks.
  • Cover or get rid of flat, hot surfaces, such as sidewalks and rocks, where iguanas can bask in the sun.
  • Fill in the burrows as you find them. Don’t leave a burrow open. Try to fill the burrows during the day when the iguanas will not be in them.
  • When you want to get rid of iguanas in Key West, call Iguana Control. We will give you a no-obligation estimate and get the job done.

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