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Iguanas are very agile and have the ability to climb trees easily and are very quick on the ground. Not only can they be invasive pests, iguanas can destroy property, landscaping and transmit diseases. There are many ways to repel or eliminate these scaly invaders. The first step is to make sure your property isn’t iguana-friendly. 

Tree Wrap

Iguana Tree Wrap

We use our tree wrap to prohibit iguana from nesting in trees. They jump down to feed but cannot climb back into the tree. Eventually, the iguana will leave the nest.

Iguana Barrier

Iguana Barrier

We use Iguana Barrier to prevent them from accessing your property from neighbors or adjoining lots.

Anti Hole Barrier

Anti-Hole Barrier

Iguanas dig long tunnels under patios and foundations to nest and lay eggs. Often they create a maze of tunnels under the roots of a thick bush which makes it difficult to collapse the holes. They have learned how to use the roots to protect their nests. Our “Anti-Hole Barrier” is hidden under a layer of dirt and does not allow the iguana to enter the hole. This has proven to be very successful at deterring iguanas.

Sea Wall Barrier

Sea Wall Barrier

Iguanas use the canals and waterways to gain access to your property. This product is 100 % effective in preventing the iguana from crawling up the sea wall on to your property.

Dock Piling Wrap

Dock Piling Wrap

Iguanas can climb the pilings (cement or wood) to your dock. Our “Dock Piling Wrap” will remove this path to your home. The iguanas will not be able to use the pilings to gain access to your home.

Foliage Wrap

Foliage Control

Iguanas will use your trees as a bridge to your roof. Once on the roof, they sense that they are safe. They will defecate and look for loose tile in the hope to find a hole for nesting. In doing this, they can cause leaks. We trim trees, palms, etc. so they no longer can gain access to your roof.

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