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Iguana Control, a leading provider of professional iguana removal services in the Golden Gate area has the expertise and specialization in resolving iguana infestations. We firmly believe in the importance of addressing iguana problems to mitigate potential property damage. If you are dealing with unwanted iguanas on your property, schedule an appointment with Iguana Control. We will stop by your house and assess the situation to control the iguana population that has taken over your personal space. We know about iguanas and have the expertise you need to put an end to this annoying and worrisome problem. Call us today, we serve the Collier County region.

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The Risks Iguanas Pose to Property and Ecosystems

Iguanas are an invasive species in Florida. However, they have made this state their home and are not only multiplying out of control but enjoying Florida’s weather and flora while doing so. They invade any space they find attractive that has plenty of sun and an abundant food supply. Iguanas dig tunnels and burrow in all sorts of spaces, damaging backyards, decks, patios, seawalls, and even roofs if they can climb onto them from a tree branch and build their nests there.

With an insatiable appetite for plants and fruits, iguanas are capable of destroying landscaping and decimating any fruits growing on people’s properties. Although many people regard them as something of a curiosity due to their appearance being similar to dinosaurs and their attractive colors, they should really be considered pests that can cause extensive and expensive damage.

As if doing damage to solid ground was not enough, iguanas can also swim and they move freely from place to place through the state’s intercoastal waterways, always on the lookout for places to eat and make their nests. Banks and seawalls offer no impediment for them to either burrow or climb to find greener pastures somewhere else.

If your property has been overrun by iguanas and you are seeking iguana removal in Golden Gate, Iguana Control offers effective iguana removal services that will return your property to the way you want to enjoy it. Call us today and let us help you get your Golden Gate iguana infestation under control.

Techniques and Methods Employed by Iguana Control for Safe, Humane, and Effective Removal

If you are dealing with an iguana problem and are having second thoughts about reaching out to get expert iguana removal in Golden Gate, it might be because you think that the Iguana Control technicians will arrive ready to kill all iguanas on sight. If that is what you imagine, let us put your mind at ease and explain the techniques and methods we use for effective, humane, and safe iguana removal.

You may also be under the mistaken impression that getting rid of a couple of iguanas will resolve the problem by reducing the iguana population in your yard. If so, it is important to understand how fertile iguanas are and how easily they reproduce in great numbers. Eliminating the iguanas on your property might not eliminate the problem.

Here are some of the techniques we use to safely remove all iguanas from a property:

Humane Iguana Traps

Using humane iguana traps we can capture them without causing any harm. Once they are inside the trap, they can easily be removed and later relocated to a more suitable location. We constantly check our traps to ensure that no iguana is in any distress while the removal is being carried out.

Environment Modification

One of the reasons why iguanas might have found your home so attractive is because of the abundance of food they find there. They might have found places to dig their tunnels and lay their eggs and are quite content to remain there. By scouting your property, we can identify entry points and seal them off with wire or mesh to significantly reduce the possibility of more iguanas returning.

Replacing Your Landscaping

Iguanas are attracted to specific types of plants and find the smell and taste of others repugnant. If you plant vegetation that is less appealing to them, they will have to go someplace else to find food. It is a good idea to remove some plants they like such as hibiscus or orchids, and exchange them for milkweed, oleander, or citrus. While you are remodeling your landscaping, you may also want to eliminate any potential hiding spots by getting rid of piles of rocks and keeping your trash cans well-covered or inside your home.

Maintain a Clean Yard

By being proactive in ensuring that your yard is not full of leaves or fruit that has fallen from trees, and by regularly trimming the lawn before it grows too tall, you can not only make your property less attractive to iguanas but can also easily spot them should they attempt to return.

Regular Maintenance

After getting professional iguana control in Golden Gate, it is essential that you make it a point to monitor your property on a regular basis to spot any iguanas coming in before causing another infestation. If their presence is not obvious, look for iguana droppings, tracks, or even shedded skin. As soon as any of these signs are present, give Iguana Control a call and let us eliminate the problem while it is still small.

Remember to check the entirety of your property because iguanas can sunbathe on decks, driveways, and patios, and they are also excellent swimmers and could use your pool to enjoy some fresh water.

Call the Professionals

There is no need for you to feel overwhelmed by an iguana infestation when Iguana Control is just a phone call away. Let us stop by your home and have a look at the situation. We can offer you the perfect solution for your iguana problem so that you can start enjoying your property again.


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