Iguana Removal in Sunny Isles, FL

At Iguana Control we specialize in iguana removal in Sunny Isles for residential and commercial properties. If you are dealing with an iguana infestation, we provide services designed to address your iguana problem using approved methods to remove iguanas in a humane manner. Call us today and let us visit your home or business and design the most appropriate plan of action to prevent green iguanas from taking over your property.

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Why You Need to Get Rid of Iguanas in Sunny Isles Beach

There are three main reasons why getting rid of the iguanas on your property is something you have to do. These are:

Because Iguanas Can Damage Your Home, Your Backyard, and the Land That Surrounds It

You may not have witnessed iguanas in action but they are quite capable of climbing up and down trees in a flash and they may also run faster than you might imagine when they are on the ground. This ability allows them to cover quite a bit of ground in a single day and they do not hesitate when it comes to climbing onto roofs, on sheds, and on top of any other structures that are in their way.

Some iguanas are quite large and they can burrow into any of these structures, including your roof, and build a nice nest there. By scheduling humane methods of iguana removal services, you can avoid the havoc that iguanas are capable of causing in your home.

Because Iguanas Can Destroy Your Landscaping

Even if you are not extremely particular about the way your landscaping looks, you surely do not want it to be eaten away by iguanas. And if you do care, and like showing off your property, having your carefully created landscaping eaten by these creatures is even more upsetting.
Iguanas seem to particularly favor plants that grow in Sunny Isles, Florida such as orchids and roses, and also love vegetables, like broccoli and beets. Adding plants that emit strong smells, such as milkweed or oleander, may help keep them away.

Because Iguanas Can Spread Disease

It is common for iguanas to carry diseases such as salmonella which can also be found within their droppings. Do not put your health or that of your loved ones in danger of contracting salmonella by having iguanas on your property. Call the iguana control experts at Iguana Control today and get started on your way to an iguana-free yard with Sunny Isles Beach removal services.

How to Remove Iguanas from Your Property

If you have iguanas in your Sunny Isles Beach property, you are not alone. The population of iguanas in the area seems to have grown exponentially since they can lay dozens of eggs at a time. You surely do not want to have on your property reptiles that can behave aggressively towards your pets while also being able to spread disease to your loved ones and destroy your infrastructure by burrowing everywhere to lay their eggs.

The best way to prevent iguanas from favoring your property is not to allow these natural predators to get comfortable there in the first place. For this reason, it is important to be proactive in making your land the least attractive possible for them.

Start by removing (or not having) fruits, flowers, and vegetables that they enjoy. If you have fruit trees, make sure to remove any fruit as soon as it falls to the ground since iguanas are unable to resist them. Add plants that emit strong smells in order to repel them such as milkweed and oleander.

Make sure your yard is always clean and tidy. Trim branches that are too close to your roof to prevent them from burrowing overhead. Do not leave piles of compost around and always keep the lawn mowed and clean. Place sheet metal around trees and any plant you do not want these invasive species to eat or climb on.

If after taking all these steps, these reptiles still seem to favor your property, it is best to have a professional iguana hunter come over and solve the iguana situation for you using approved methods for removal.

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How an Iguana Control Service Can Help

Iguanas love city gardens and making their nests in this environment. However, this reptile is considered to be a non-native species to the Sunny Isles Beach area and known to spread diseases.

Call Iguana Control Today

When you call Iguana Control services for iguana control and removal, you can rest assured that we will be trapping them and taking them off your property. You should not attempt to kill iguanas thinking that this is the best way to achieve control and removal of these creatures. There are laws in place that call for them to be killed humanely and you may receive a hefty fine for taking the matter into your own hands.

It is best to leave the trapping and removal of these bothersome creatures to the professionals who can also take preventative measures to make sure the problem is solved and that you are not left with iguana nests that you may not be aware of.

At Iguana Control we firmly believe that the best way to have a property that is free of iguanas is to prevent them from establishing themselves there in the first place. When we come to your property, we will survey the grounds and destroy any holes or burrows that we may find there. We will also advise you on any plants that should be removed or added. We can design a plan to monitor your property so that iguanas are never an issue. Call us today.

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