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Green Iguana Living in s tropical paradise has many benefits, but iguanas are an invasive species disrupting South Florida residents’ lives and landscapes. Arriving in the Miami area in the 1960s, the green iguanas that are not native to Florida are from Central and South America. Because South Florida shares a similar climate to their home, iguanas have thrived locally, much to the dismay of homeowners and fish and wildlife conservancy organizations.

Are iguanas dangerous to people?

Many people in Boynton Beach ask if iguanas are poisonous or venomous. It is natural to wonder if these animals all over your backyard can harm you. Iguanas indeed produce venom from glands in their neck. However, their venom is so mild that it practically causes no harm at all to people if bitten. As exotic animals, iguanas carry Salmonella bacteria that causes a life-threatening stomach illness in humans. People should wash their hands after handling or coming in contact with any reptile especially after cleaning iguana feces. Unfortunately, it is easy to come in contact with iguana droppings. Sidewalks, seawalls, fences, grills, pool decks, outdoor patio furniture, driveways, and picnic tables are common places to find them. If you park your car outside, they can defecate on your windshield or doors. Not only is this offputting, but it is dangerous to your health. The sooner you get rid of iguanas on your property, the sooner you can have peace of mind whenever your kids, pets, or you are outside. This is why iguana removal is necessary.

How do iguanas affect the structure of buildings?

Green iguanas that are rampant in South Florida are also the cause of infrastructure and residential and commercial landscape damage. They dig their burrows and nests under sidewalks and seawalls, eventually leading to their collapse. They also burrow under the foundations of homes which can affect their stability. Because they are excellent climbers, iguanas can go up tall trees and have access to your roof through long branches. Eventually, they might start burrowing inside the roof, which could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. People who live on canals should call us right away about iguana control services. Seawalls and canals prevent flooding and control waterways. But when they are eroded due to iguanas digging in them, it can affect all the properties along the seawall. The result could be thousands of dollars spent on professional seawall and dock repair services.

What We Do

We provide iguana removal services in Boynton Beach that include iguana trapping, topography protection, iguana repellent, and monitoring services. First, we arrive at your property and survey the land to determine the extent of the distribution of iguanas, determine the exact species you’re dealing with, and find their nests and burrows.


There are two trapping methods that we use. But first, it is important to know that laws enacted by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission prohibit the private ownership of green iguanas, except in limited situations. Call us when you want professional trapping methods that are humane and compliant with the law. Live cage trapping is a very effective method to capture 20 to 25 iguanas in one metal cage in Boynton Beach. They are constructed so that iguanas can’t bite or claw through them or slip through the gaps. The results of our land survey will tell us where we should place the traps on your property and what type of bait to use so that they are lured into the trap. Once the iguana is inside, the trap closes automatically. Cages are effective in iguana removal. Another method is to use a catch pole. It must be said that trapping with the catch pole is very difficult and requires long, thick gloves that prevent the catcher from being scratched by the iguana. Using a pole with a wire loop at the end, pole trapping is effective without injuring the animal.


After your successful iguana removal service, you want to keep them out of your Boynton BEach property. We offer an array of tree wraps that prevent them from being able to get a good grip and climb up onto trees or docks. You can also place a wire wrap around fences so that they cannot come crawling in from other yards.

Why You Should Call Iguana Control Today

Iguanas are invasive reptiles that seem to have taken over South Florida, particularly the green iguana, which is native to Mexico and Brazil. Iguana Control can help you get rid of these pests and reclaim your property. We are a fully insured iguana removal company serving all of South Florida, and all of our technicians are certified and bonded for the use of all of our equipment. With several years of experience, our managers and technicians are able to offer you effective solutions for iguana control on your existing landscape. Our service areas include:

  • Miami-Dade County
  • Monroe County
  • Broward County
  • Palm Beach County

We know a lot about iguanas. We’ve studied their habits, their diet, their anatomy, and their habitats. We know their sounds, their habits, and their instincts. This knowledge is part of why we are so effective at making our iguana removal customers happy. Call us today at 855-525-5656 for a free estimate. You can also fill out our online form, and we will reply to you within a few hours. Since you are already dealing with pests, we do not pester you with marketing emails, solicit you, nor do we pass on your information on to third parties.

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