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In Naples, a city known for its stunning white sandy beaches, a less welcome feature has been quietly making itself at home: the green iguana. It has become common for property owners to find their cherished plants ravaged in the backyards they have spent countless hours beautifying. Or worse, some discover that the very foundation of their building is under threat due to the extensive burrows iguanas have made.

If you are facing this concern, get in touch with Iguana Control. We have helped many residential and commercial properties across Naples manage these reptilian invaders. Our fully insured and certified team uses humane strategies to ensure your home and business remain a safe place against iguana damage and future invasions. Give us a call at (954) 588-3188 to learn more.

Photo of Blue Iguana in Grass

The Iguana Problem in Naples

Iguanas, especially the green ones, are an invasive species in Florida. The menace is as bad as it sounds because:

  • Iguanas eat a lot of plants and sometimes insects and pests, harming the local ecosystem.
  • They compete with native animals for food, which can be bad for those animals.
  • They threaten local endangered species (like the owls and gopher tortoises), either by eating the same food as them or directly preying on them.
  • They dig holes in the ground that not only weaken sidewalks, foundations, and seawalls, but also create tripping hazards.
  • They can spread salmonella to pets through their droppings.

This has become such a dangerous issue that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has implemented specific measures to control the iguana population. They have classified green iguanas as a non-native invasive species, which means they are not protected in Florida except by anti-cruelty laws.

Our Specialized Iguana Removal Services

Thorough land surveying

We start by getting to know every corner of your property. There are certain areas that green and other iguanas love, like spots near water and holes beside sea walls, because these places are perfect for iguanas to lay their eggs and multiply. If you have large trees near your building, it is likely that iguanas might be using them to reach your rooftops. We examine each of these areas to understand what we are dealing with to provide tailored advice.

Targeted capturing techniques

Catching iguanas is more art than science. We use traps, yes, but these are designed to be gentle for the iguanas. We check the traps regularly as no one likes to be cooped up for long. However, sometimes, traps alone are not enough, so we use a number of different strategies to ensure that even the sneakiest iguanas are carefully captured.

Ensuring your property’s future safety

Removing iguanas is one thing; keeping them away is another. We take several steps to make your property a place that will make iguanas think twice before trespassing:

  • Installing fencing or barriers around gardens, pools, and other areas to prevent iguana access.
  • Eliminating food sources and habitats attractive to iguanas, such as certain plants and fruits (hibiscus, roses, mangoes, bananas, leafy greens, etc.)
  • Modifying the landscape to make it less hospitable for iguanas. For example, by choosing plants that iguanas do not like (lemon, orange, ixora, oleander, jasmine, etc.)

Why Choose Iguana Control in Naples, FL

A deep understanding of iguana behavior and ecology

Each one of our experts have spent years studying iguanas in South Florida, learning everything from what attracts them to a particular spot, to their breeding patterns, and even their favorite pet food! Iguanas can lay dozens of eggs after their mating season, and if you miss the right window for intervention, you could be dealing with a much bigger problem. 

This field-tested insight helps our in-house wildlife experts predict the iguanas’ next move, and more importantly, make sure our control measures are more proactive and less reactive.

Proven track record in effective iguana management

When you want to remove iguanas in Florida, you need help from seasoned professionals. Our experience at Iguana Control includes a diverse range of properties, from large industrial facilities to the more intimate settings of residential homes. Each of these jobs has taught us something new and helped us refine our approach. 

Whether it is a particular trapping technique that works best in a crowded factory or a preventative strategy that is perfect for a suburban backyard or garden, our methods ensure that the problem is addressed quickly with minimal disruption to the homeowners.

Commitment to compassionate control methods

A strong focus on ethical practices is the core belief that guides everything we do. After all, these reptiles are only doing what nature intended them to do. So, for us, humane control methods are the only way to go. Every single trap we use is thoughtfully created to cause no harm or undue stress to the iguanas. They are living beings, and we treat them with the dignity they deserve.

Custom-made solutions for every property

No two estates are the same, so neither is our approach to iguana control. Some iguanas might be more adventurous, trying to climb structures, while others might prefer to stay hidden in the bushes. By observing these patterns, our nuisance wildlife rangers adapt our control methods to target the activities we see. This could mean setting up barricades in certain areas or using different types of bait in our traps.

Professional Iguana Removal Naples

When you are struggling to get rid of iguanas on your property, it can be tempting to go to YouTube and try your hand at some DIY solutions. What most people do not realize is that traps can be tricky and might land you in unexpected situations, like accidentally catching the wrong animal. Not to mention, iguanas carry harmful bacteria, which can put your pets and family at considerable risk.

Why take the chance? Contact our professional iguana removal in Collier County today and let one of our experts handle it for you. If you have any questions or would like to request a free quote, call us at (954) 588-3188 or contact us online.

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