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Iguana Whether long or short, with a striped tail or not, or a long row of spines from its neck to its tail, you have seen iguanas all over Florida. Running in front of your car or skittering up a fruit tree, iguanas can be annoying pests. But even if you want to get rid of them on your property, you’re probably wondering what is the most humane and effective way to get rid of them. You might also be wondering how much harm they are doing to your property or how harmful they are to humans. Iguana Control has been serving South Florida for many years. As Florida’s largest iguana control company, we serve Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Iguana Control helps you reach two goals: Take care of the immediate iguana infestation on your property now, and set up preventative measures so they don’t come back. In order to help you achieve those goals, we send a certified technician to your property to survey your landscape, how large your property is and what factors on your property attract iguanas, such as fruit trees. Then they build an individualized treatment plan to help you reach those goals.

Are iguanas dangerous to humans?

One bit of misinformation about iguanas that often circulates is that they are venomous and dangerous to humans. It is true that iguanas have venom glands and that they do bite, but they rarely bite, and their venom is actually very mild. Most people who are bitten by an iguana never develop adverse side effects from their venom, unlike certain snake bites. If you want to avoid getting bitten by an iguana, then you should never approach one or taunt it in a cage. Iguana removal is essential for preventing disease. One of the most frustrating things about iguanas is that they defecate on common touch surfaces such as cars and car door handles when a car is parked under a tree, outdoor grills, patio chairs and tables, toys that are left outside, and gates/fences. If you’re not looking, then you can step on droppings on sidewalks, pool decks, boat decks, driveways, or anywhere in your yard. Not only is it gross, but dangerous. Their feces contain the Salmonella bacteria, which is known to cause a severe illness in humans that causes diarrhea, dehydration, stomach cramps, and loss of appetite.

Iguana Trapping

We start by surveying your Bal Harbor property to search for burrows where iguanas may be laying their eggs. Then we place a repeating reptile cage in the areas where they are most likely to be effective. These types of cages allow for 20 to 25 iguanas to be caught without them finding a way out. Metallic cage traps are too strong for iguanas to bite through, nor can they squeeze through the gaps. We then return to your property for ethical iguana removal. Another method is to use catch poles, but they are hard to use. This is why we recommend that only a certified and experienced iguana trapper professional do this work. We stay a safe distance away and use an extendable pole that traps iguanas without injuring the animals or ourselves. We also wear heavy gloves that cover our arms and wrists to protect us while we are removing iguanas from your property.

Topography Protection

We offer professional nest and live iguana removal services in Bal Harbor to keep your property free from iguanas. In fact, depending on the size of your property, there may be several interconnected iguana nests in tunnels underneath your property. Because female iguanas can lay over 75 eggs a year, this creates a potential for hundreds of iguanas to take over your property. Call Iguana Control today so that we can remove and neutralize the eggs. Another way to protect your Bal Harbor home or property is to make it difficult for iguanas to enter your property in the first place. Tree wraps and mesh guards around fences make it very hard for iguanas to climb onto your property. We recommend putting a mesh wrap around bananas and other fruits that can attract iguanas to your yard.

Iguana Repellents

We strongly discourage anyone from buying commercial iguana repellent. Maybe you have already tried them and discovered that they do not work. There are so many myths out there that only serve to frustrate property owners. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Modify vegetation on your property so that iguanas are not attracted to fruit trees and flowers in your yard
  • Iguana trapping
  • Destroying nests and filling tunnels
  • Mesh wraps around the base of tree trunks to prevent them from climbing

Monitoring Service

After other iguana removal have been implemented, you need to continue monitoring your your Bal Harbor landscape to prevent iguanas from coming back. Part of our services is visiting your property regularly to look for signs of new holes or burrows. This proactive step can keep iguanas from coming back. We highly recommend monitoring services if you are near any bodies of water. Iguanas can be found by lakes, docks, and canals.

Call Iguana Control Now

Having been in the industry for years, we have learned a lot about the habits, diet, sounds, and biology of iguanas to grow a successful iguana removal company. Our knowledge means that we make informed decisions about how to best treat your Bal Harbor property. We strongly discourage people from buying commercial pest repellent because they simply do not work. We have learned over the years what types of food to attract iguanas and where to put traps so that you can enjoy your property again without those unwanted guests.

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