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Pesky green iguanas have become an invasive species in Palm Beach and throughout South Florida. These lizards have long tails and like to lounge in your trees. You may think they’re harmless, but iguanas are known to terrorize residents.

They destroy vegetation, fruits, flowers, gardens, and the infrastructure of your property. Iguanas can also be a danger to your pets. That’s why you’ll want to have iguana removal performed by the experts at Iguana Control.

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Why Is It a Bad Sign to See Iguanas Near Your Home?

Even if you aren’t frightened when you see an iguana in your area, what it can do to your home and land is a scary sight. Green iguanas are a terrible nuisance that you’ll want to get rid of at once.

We offer iguana removal services and iguana trapping to restore your peace. Trapping iguanas is a last resort since we use other effective methods for naturally and safely scaring them away.

You don’t want to wait to have iguana removal performed because these creatures breed rapidly. Iguanas burrow under the ground where you can’t see them, and the female iguanas lay up to 70 eggs annually. These eggs only require 90 to 120 days before they hatch into baby iguanas primed for destruction. 

We use our removal services to preserve your property from further damage. We may need to trap them in a cage to take them away, but most of the time, Iguana Control can use smart tactics to stop the iguanas from terrorizing your yard.

Why You Need Services for the Removal of Iguanas

Let us assist you with the removal of iguanas from your location. You do not want to leave their burrows open for them to continue their breeding while they feed on your plants. Their diet is rich with the items from your garden and landscaping vegetation and endangered creatures like tree snails, causing a dangerous disruption to the food chain.

Residents Report Iguana Destruction

You’ve worked too hard for gorgeous Palm Beach home to let iguanas ruin it. With our removal services at Iguana Control, we’re able to keep them from feasting in your gardens and save your property and its integrity.

Protect Your Pets

Iguanas are dangerous for pets too. They can bite when they feel provoked, exposing your furry friend to salmonella.

Dangerous Iguana Feces

Most things on this planet produce smelly feces, though iguanas may win this contest. Iguana droppings also contain the infectious bacterium salmonella. You, your family, and any four-legged friends could get exposed to this bacteria and become severely ill.

They Make It Stink

In addition to the unsanitary nature of iguanas roaming your land, their droppings smell so terrible that they’re likely to keep you from enjoying your outdoor spaces. Your pool deck, dock, gardens, and other areas will be overrun by these antagonizing lizards.

Another place you do not want to find these foul droppings is on your car. Iguana feces can peel off the paint, leaving you needing costly repairs. Let Iguana Control be of service in catching and trapping iguanas and freeing you of their reign!

What Professional Iguana Removal Services Can Do

Our company is well-versed in iguana removal. We have efficient practices that deter these large lizards without harm. We also perform catching and trapping for those few iguanas that are too stubborn to take the hint.

When iguanas populate your homestead, you need removal services to escape the health risks of having them around. We prefer not to trap them, which is why we work so hard on prevention and deterrence methods.

Block Out the Underground Network

Iguanas do all their dirty work below the surface. This is why many residents are astounded when they see how many iguanas are living on their land. To keep iguanas from coming back, we fill their underground infrastructures with rocks to get rid of them.


Reflective surfaces are another way to let iguanas know they need to leave. They don’t like seeing their reflection and are scared away.

Iguana Removal Palm Beach County

You’re not safe from iguana infestations in Palm Beach County. Our expert team will safely remove these creatures. Contact Iguana Control today for your free estimate!

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A Company Experienced in Catching Iguana Invaders 

If there are iguanas in your garden, choose our affordable removal service. We start by inspecting your home and backyard for iguana signs. Then we create a custom plan to ensure they stay away.

We try to avoid setting a trap for the iguanas, though if they persist, we will provide removal services to evict them. Most of our techniques involve prevention. We also provide topography protection for larger plots of land to keep infrastructure damages from occurring that could cause your pool deck, seawall, or foundation to sink.

Get the Ultimate Iguana Solution for Palm Beach

Don’t wait for an iguana to bite you or a loved one. Call our service to trap or remove these invasive lizards. You’ll restore the calm to your land once again and finally get to enjoy all the things that make owning a home in Florida so wonderful. Contact Iguana Control today for a free estimate!

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