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As much as Charlotte County has been blessed with nature’s bounty, the presence of iguanas might be ruining that for its residents. A couple of green iguanas digging here and there might not seem like a big problem, but what they are doing is creating networks of tunnels that can weaken the ground, and compromise the stability of your walkways, patios, and even the foundation of your house.

If you leave them unchecked, iguanas can strip your garden bare, or worse, create a sinkhole on your property where you least expect it! Take decisive action and call us at Iguana Control at (954) 588-3188. We are your local iguana specialists who understand the behavior of these critters and how to manage them effectively.

Be it wrapping your trees to prevent nesting, installing hedges to keep them at bay, or advising on landscaping techniques to deter them, our iguana trapping and animal removal experts have got you covered.

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Property Damage Caused by Iguanas in Charlotte County, FL

An iguana infestation in residential or commercial properties is more serious than just having a few unwanted critters around. Here is why:


Iguanas create extensive burrow systems – which can be quite large and deep – to live in. The problem is that they usually dig these holes near the foundations of buildings, along sidewalks, or under patios. As a result, these areas become less stable and more prone to damage.

Erosion and collapses

If iguanas dig along a shoreline or near a seawall, they can destabilize the soil structure. This can erode the soil and result in a complete collapse. For properties near water, this translates to seawall repairs that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, or worse, loss of land.

Damaging plants and gardens

Iguanas are herbivores and have a hearty appetite for plants, flowers, and vegetables. If you have a garden or landscaped area, green iguanas can quickly ravage it. If you have put a lot of effort into growing a patch of exotic flowers, herbs, or vegetables, this can be heartbreaking and expensive to fix.

Chewing through wires and structures

Although less common, there have been instances where nuisance iguanas chew on construction materials like electrical wires. If they chew through the insulation around your building, it can expose the live wires, resulting in short circuits, power outages, or even electrical fires.

Contaminating your pool

Iguanas are very good swimmers and find swimming pools an attractive place for several reasons, including cooling off and finding food and water sources. Pools provide these reptiles with a warm environment for sunbathing and nearby areas may offer them hiding spots or areas to lay eggs. Iguanas are known carriers of salmonella, which can be transmitted to humans through contact with their feces. If they use your pool, there is a high risk of contamination.

If you find an iguana anywhere on your property, it is important to handle the situation carefully. You can try to remove it yourself, but keep in mind that these creatures can get extremely territorial and aggressive when threatened. It is best to call Florida wildlife removal services like Iguana Control in these cases, as we have the experience and tools to get rid of them safely.

Iguana Control: Your Partner in Lasting Iguana Management

When you need a long-term solution to your lizard problem, selecting the right team for the job is half the battle. Our reptile control officers serve Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Charlotte Harbor, Cleveland, Grove City, Harbour Heights, and surrounding areas to ensure property owners can enjoy their property without the hassle of these uninvited guests.

Here is what our iguana removal Charlotte County technicians bring to the table:

Expertise in your backyard

We are not a “generalist” pest control company; we exclusively specialize in iguanas. This focus means we understand these reptiles inside and out. Our team has years of experience dealing with a variety of situations, from residential gardens in Port Charlotte to commercial landscapes in Punta Gorda.

We have tackled iguanas in all kinds of environments, using this knowledge to develop animal control services that are specifically tailored to each location. Every one of our wildlife control experts understands these animals’ patterns and behaviors, which means we can spot the subtle signs of an iguana’s presence and predict their next move.

Licensed and insured technicians

We are certified professionals, meaning each technician is trained and equipped with the latest in iguana control strategies. We have learned the art of safe iguana capture without harm, using methods that respect the animal and the environment.

When a member of our Charlotte County animal services steps onto your property, they are bringing the latest insights in iguana management, and not just traps. With every visit, our goal is to make your property a strict no-go zone for these critters, a non-native species in Florida.

Compassionate, eco-friendly methods

Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our dedication to solving your iguana problem. We only use methods that are kind both to the animals and your landscape. Instead of harsh or harmful techniques, we rely on non-toxic treatments and humane traps to ensure they do not suffer undue stress or injury. If you have a dead iguana on your property, we can remove its carcass under the guidelines set by the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Our iguana pest control services in Charlotte County also include proactive solutions to discourage the animals from returning, like installing fences that blend into your backyard and advising on garden layouts that are less enticing to them.

Iguana Removal Charlotte County, FL Services

Removing the iguanas from your property is only one part of our job – another is to keep them from coming back. In addition to getting rid of the existing iguanas, our iguana removal services address the root of the problem to prevent future invasions. When you choose Iguana Control, we will swiftly get to work on creating an iguana-resistant environment so you will not have to deal with recurring problems. To request a consultation, send us a message here or call our offices in South Florida at (954) 588-3188.

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