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Many residents in Lighthouse Point, FL are familiar with contacting a pest control company for ants, snakes, rats, raccoons, and other forms of wildlife. But did you know that you can also call a wildlife control company for iguana infestation?

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Green iguanas are an invasive species, and South Florida has a serious infestation. Communities like Lighthouse Point, FL are particularly vulnerable because there are so many canals and inlets that make perfect conduits for iguanas to expand their populations. If you see an iguana on or near your property, it’s time to contact a wildlife control service that specializes in iguanas. Iguana Control is the go-to choice in South Florida for iguana trapping and removal.

Points of Concern Involving Green Iguanas

Because iguanas usually run from adult humans, many people believe that means they’re harmless, but iguanas pose the following threats:

  • Their feces often have salmonella, which can easily spread to humans.
  • An iguana will wreak havoc on foliage.
  • Iguanas are a burrowing species. They often dig tunnel systems below the lawn and even under houses.
  • Iguanas can pose a threat to small animals who may try to corner the wild lizards.

Because iguanas have sharp claws and have been known to bite when panicked, it’s best to avail yourself of a professional wildlife control and removal service.

Identifying Iguanas in Lighthouse Point

Green iguanas are fairly easy to identify due to their size. A male iguana can grow up to five feet in length, has pronounced throat skin, and is heavier than female iguanas, which can also grow up to five feet in length.

Breeding Season

Breeding season for iguanas is October and November. They have a 90 to 120-day gestation period, so iguana populations tend to explode in the late winter and early spring. Female iguanas will burrow into tunnels to lay their eggs.

Discouraging Iguana Infestation

While iguanas are prolific in areas like Fort Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point, FL, there are measures you can take to make your property less attractive to these pests. If you can keep them away from your house or business, it’s always preferable to contact a professional animal removal service.

Remove Food Sources

Just like ants, birds, and other wildlife, iguanas are attracted to food sources. Fruit-bearing trees and plants present a particularly difficult problem. Harvest fruit before it falls to the ground, and use tree wraps to prevent iguanas from crawling up and nesting in your trees. If you have outdoor pets, try to clean up excess food after feeding time. Secure your trash cans with locking lids or some other mechanism.

Secure Plants

Iguanas are vegetarians and will eat leafy plants and shrubs. Installing a wire mesh barrier can make it more difficult for iguanas to access your plants.

Fill Burrowing Holes During the Daytime

If you find iguana holes on your lawn, fill them with stones and dirt during the daytime. The time of day is important because it’s more likely for the iguana to be outside of the hole, sunning itself. Otherwise, it will burrow out to get to the surface.

Lighthouse Point Iguana Removal and Services

Iguana Control is a family-owned and operated wildlife removal and pest control operation that specializes in iguana removal services in Lighthouse Point, FL, and other southern Florida cities. We can trap, remove, and dispose of these animals at your home or business. We have established a reputation for quality service with our customers. Call today to get rid of these invasive animals once and for all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Iguana Control

These are some of the most common questions customers ask about our professional removal services:

Can I catch and release an iguana myself?

No. In addition to being dangerous, releasing an iguana into the wild is illegal in Florida. Contact one of the local removal services to dispose of the iguana.

Do iguanas die when it’s cold?

No. While these reptiles may freeze and drop from the trees, they are usually not dead. When they warm up, they come right back to life.

Do iguana repellents work?

No, iguana repellents are not an effective measure for repelling iguanas. Your best bet is to install topography protection to dissuade iguanas from infesting your property. Of course, if you already have an iguana on your land, you’ll need to contact us for our iguana trapping services. This is a common service where we bait and set traps. In addition to trapping the iguanas, we can work on making your home or business iguana-proof.

Photo of an iguana

Why are there so many iguanas in Lighthouse Point, FL?

Prior to 2021, it was legal under FL law to sell these large lizards as pets. In the years leading up to that change in the law, many pet owners realized the difficulty of keeping large reptiles in their homes, and they began to release them into the wild. Florida has ideal conditions for iguanas to thrive and breed, which is how we ended up with so many.

Lighthouse Point, FL Iguana Trapping and Removal

If you’ve begun seeing iguanas in your Lighthouse Point neighborhood or noticed signs of iguana infestation on your property, contact Iguana Control for our removal services. It’s our mission to help FL homeowners keep their premises free from this invasive species. We specialize in iguana trapping, removal, topography, and monitoring services. Call today to discuss which removal services you require.

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