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Iguanas in Southwest Ranches In Southwest Ranches, property owners are facing a massive invasion of iguanas. From the black spiny-tailed iguana to the green iguana, this invasive species is quickly taking over homes through roof vents and gardens.  Like other animals, iguanas dig through garbage cans and make a mess of your yard and landscaping. They create a lot of damage that can become more costly than you expect to repair the ruin they leave behind. They’re also dangerous for your pets. If you have iguanas on your property, you must take care of the iguana problem before it’s too late. For Southwest Ranches, you need to call the leading animal control experts at Iguana Control to remove any and all iguanas.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Iguanas in Southwest Ranches

Although iguanas might not scare you, these animals can easily overrun residential areas. This is why you should use services to remove the green iguanas. They can destroy your Southwest Ranches property if left to run amok. Iguana Control offers humane removal as well as iguana trapping services. We tend to use trapping as the last resort of our control services as there are other naturally effective methods that can get rid of them.  Since they can breed so rapidly, it is important to remove iguanas before they cause untold damage. Female iguanas are capable of laying up to 70 eggs annually. The eggs take just 90 to 120 days to hatch. From there, they can take over your land. Call our control services to remove iguanas before they dig burrows that cause the collapse of your foundation, pool deck, and other structures. At Iguana Control, we employ smart removal tactics to scare green iguanas off your property.

Why You Need Iguana Removal Services in Southwest Ranches

Even if you are an animal lover in Southwest Ranches, you need to call us for the removal of these powerful animals. They will keep coming back until you have their underground burrows filled. They can also get into your home and will continue wrecking everything in sight the longer they live and breed there. While iguanas eat plants, they are also known to eat animals like endangered tree snails. Trust us when we say that you do not want these creatures roaming your property!

Iguanas Are Pests

The green iguana is an invasive species that we are happy to remove from your Southwest Ranches home. You deserve to enjoy the peaceful setting you have created for your family. Our iguana control and removal services allow you to regain peace again.

Keep Pets Safe

For Southwest Ranches pet owners, iguanas are a major hazard. This animal can bite when it feels provoked which can spread bacteria. The same bacteria are in their droppings too, another reason you want to keep your yard free of these lizards.

Iguana Droppings

In Southwest Ranches, it is important to get rid of iguanas fast because they leave feces everywhere. It smells horrible and can put you and your loved ones at risk of salmonella. They can also cause the paint to peel off of your car.

What Southwest Ranches Iguana Removal Can Do for You

Our team of experts at Iguana Control is ready and available to help you with your iguana problem in Southwest Ranches. Our efficient practices of removal effectively deter these lizards and keep them away. We will also provide trapping services for stubborn iguanas that don’t want to leave. Iguana removal is important in Southwest Ranches because their population can quickly get out of control. This could lead to costly damage to your property. Hence, we use prevention and deterrence methods to make them go away.

Blocking Burrows

In Southwest Ranches, you’d better believe that if you have seen one iguana, there are many more. That is because they hide underground in their network of burrows. We will fill those up with rocks to stop them from staking a claim on your land.


Iguanas never travel alone. As part of our mission to remove iguanas from your beautiful Southwest Ranches home, we offer various barriers such as iguana barriers, anti-hole barriers, and sea wall barriers.


If you are noticing iguanas on your property, the best course of action is to contact your Southwest Ranches Iguana Removal so we can set traps to safely remove them. We utilize various topographical solutions to prevent further iguana infestation on your property.

Iguana Removal Southwest Ranches

Iguanas have started taking over in Southwest Ranches. Keep them from disturbing your quality of life by calling us to remove them. Contact Iguana Control today and get a free estimate for removal and our other services.

Call the Iguana Experts in Florida

When iguanas are roaming your property, you need Iguana Control to help remove them. Our affordable services for removing iguanas make it easy to put them all in the past so you can get back to enjoying your Southwest Ranches property.  It all starts with an inspection of your home and yard. We then develop a custom plan utilizing our effective tactics to keep iguanas away. We will do everything we can to deter them first though we may need to use trapping if they don’t take the hint. For larger properties, topography protection is encouraged as it keeps the burrows iguanas have built from causing parts of your land to sink, like your foundation.

Get the Ultimate Iguana Solution for Southwest Ranches

One iguana may not seem like a problem to you, but there are most likely more of them hidden from sight. Don’t wait until they bite your pets, family, or even ruin your expensive landscaping. Give us a call, and we will evict them promptly. While iguanas are fascinating, the last place you want to see them is on your property. They are not native to Florida and do not belong here. If you have iguanas roaming around, contact Iguana Control today and get a free estimate!

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